Orange County Juvenile Court Lamoreaux Courthouse


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Orange County Juvenile Court Lamoreaux Courthouse

Orange County Juvenile Court Lamoreaux Courthouse

Orange County Juvenile Court Lamoreaux Courthouse Information – including what you need to know if you have to go to Court in The City of Orange.

Orange County Juvenile Court Lamoreaux Courthouse

The OC Courthouse in The City of Orange was built in 1992.  It’s named after Betty Lou Lamoreaux, the first woman judge in the Orange County Superior Court, in 1976. She was also the OC Juvenile Court presiding judge from 1985 to 1988.

The building contains 15 juvenile justice courtrooms, 13 family law and probate courtrooms. The complex also has a 60-bed intake and reception center for young offenders, and two parking structures.  Its average daily pedestrian traffic is 3,400 persons entering and existing the entrance to the courthouse.

The Courthouse in Orange handles only family law cases, and juvenile and probate or conservatorship matters.  It handles juvenile (under 18) cases from anywhere in the County of Orange.

This court does not have exterior traffic windows, unlike other courthouses in Orange County.  Everyone has to wait in the security check line.

Your Court Appearance in the Lamoreaux Justice Center Courthouse.

If you have been arrested for an Orange County DUI and are appearing at the Lamoreaux Justice Center, you will typically be given a court date on a document, for your arraignment.

Your arraignment will be in one of the Juvenile courtrooms in the building.  You must check in on the first floor, as all juvenile proceedings are confidential, and will then be directed to what floor, and what courtroom, you will need to go to.

After your arraignment, your case proceeds to pretrial.

Misdemeanor pretrials are heard in the confidential juvenile courtrooms of the Lamoreaux Courthouse.

If you have a case that has already been set for a trial at a previous date by a judge, then misdemeanor trials can be assigned to any courtroom in the courthouse.  You do not have a right to a jury trial with juvenile DUI cases.

Persons Held in Juvenile Hall for their Court Date: Are you waiting in court for a case for a minor in custody?  They are usually held in the Juvenile Hall for Orange County. That’s next door, and they are under the custody of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department and brought up to court when ready, as needed by the court.

Only the lawyers and attorneys that are a member of the California Bar Association and members of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department are allowed to visit persons in custody in the courthouse, or in Juvenile Hall next door to the courthouse.

Orange County Lamoreaux Justice Center City of Orange Courthouse

The address to the courthouse is as follows:

ORANGE, CA 92868-3205

Lamoreaux Courthouse Parking is available for a fee per hour, and parking is available across the street from the courthouse at the Outlet Shops of Orange, or anywhere on the streets as allowed near the courthouse.

The list of telephone numbers for the courthouse is available here:

The Orange County District Attorney has an office on the second floor inside the courthouse building.  Phone number is (714) 896-7261.  Website: Orange County District AttorneyJuvenile Court Lamoreaux Courthouse

The Orange County Public Defender’s Office is in a separate building nearby. (714) 896-7281 . Website: Orange County Public DefenderJuvenile Court Lamoreaux Courthouse

There is a Victim’s and Witnesses Office in the Westminster Courthouse also.  They can help victims or those testifying, by answering questions and providing support.  Phone: (714) 896-7188, Witness Coordination:(714) 934-4634 . Orange County Victims Services Juvenile Court Lamoreaux Courthouse

The Orange County Juvenile Court Lamoreaux Courthouse has received a Seismic Rating Level V, mainly because of its construction of a penthouse and it’s plaster ceilings.

If you need to speak with a lawyer that has years of experience in the Orange County Juvenile Court Lamoreaux Courthouse, contact our firm or call us at (877) 942-3090.

A win for a DUI client at the DMV

dmv win dui

Case study: How to win the DMV in a DUI case.

We had a win for a DUI client at the DMV, and our law firm is proud to announce we won another client her license back.  A DMV “Set Aside” is what the DMV calls a dismissal of the action pending against a driver’s license.

An actress, who is busy with roles in Los Angeles, called us the morning she was involved in an accident.  The police took her to the hospital, where her blood was drawn.   She was left at the hospital to be rendered care, but she did admit to taking several substances, prescribed medications, that could have put her under the influence.

The  police gave her a citation for driving under the influence/DUI, and marked it as a detention only, meaning that she was cited, and that it was up to the prosecutor’s office whether or not there was a case filed, and if so, what the court date would be.  As of today’s date, there are no Los Angeles DUI charges pending against her.

DMV and a DUITo make things more complicated, the actress and client had an out of state license.  A DMV hearing was promptly requested, and we noted that the licensee had never been served the temporary license.

The DMV took steps to correct that by serving a new temporary license, and notice, via registered mail, giving the licensee a new 14 day time period to request a hearing, and we again scheduled a new hearing.

The DMV sent discovery, or a copy of the police reports, which our law firm reviewed thoroughly, line by line.  When the blood testing came in, we noted the presence of several substances, or more specifically, the metabolites, showing absorption and metabolism of specific categories of substances, that were illegal to drive under.  The law prohibits and makes illegal entire categories of substances in your system if you are operating a motor vehicle.

DUI California DMV

The DMV, however, has strict laws that they have to adhere to as well.  One of those rules require that there be a finding, with admissible evidence, of each of the issues at the hearing.

In turn, one of those issues is whether or not the person was driving with above a .08% blood alcohol level.  When we located and presented the hospital blood test, which was not included from the DMV, it was shown to the DMV hearing officer.

As a result, the DMV hearing officer agreed with our position, and our client’s license suspension hearing was canceled, or set aside, and her license was returned to her, and her driving privileges were not affected. That won the DMV case, to the satisfaction of the client, who got her license back and all driving privileges reinstated.

Contact us.

Contact us

Contact us today. If you have questions about a DMV hearing from a DUI, call our firm anytime at (877) 568-2977, or use our contact the firm page.