DUI with Speed Enhancement dismissed


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DUI with Speed Enhancement dismissed

DUI with Speed Enhancement Dismissed

A DUI with Speed Enhancement was dismissed in the court in West Covina. Our client, Ms. Smith, held a top secret security government clearance, and had a case pending in the Los Angeles Superior Court courthouse in West Covina.  The case against her alleged a DUI with a .12% breath test, and the enhancement and allegation that she was speeding.

Discovery was requested, several times, and was not provided until the day of trial.  The DA indicated that the CHP was not forthcoming with the items that were requested in a prompt manner.  The judge threatened to dismiss the case if discovery was not provided.

The videotape from the patrol car showed that Ms. Smith was in fact not weaving as the officer had described.  The CHP officer also indicated that she had been speeding, but was unable to provide maintenance or calibration documents showing that the speedometer pace was accurate as described.

DUI with Speed Enhancement dismissed on the day of trial.

The Judge in West Covina offered to Ms. Smith that she could avoid probation, which would have caused her top secret clearance to suffer, by doing jail time.  The DA agreed to dismiss the DUI charge instead, as part of a plea bargain arrangement, which still required her to do community service.

This client was very happy with the result, and looked forward to resuming her life and intended career.

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