18-Month Treatment Program


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The 18 Month Treatment Program is an alcohol school, or alcohol program, that consists of alcohol classes which are required for someone that is convicted of a multiple offense.  This page contains a list of the 18 Month Treatment Program alcohol classes in Orange County, California. See the end of this page for the frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding this program.

City Program Information Website
Anaheim School Ten, Inc.
2384 E Orangethorpe Ave, Anaheim, CA 92806
Anaheim School Ten, Inc.
1136 N Gilbert St, Anaheim, CA 92801
Costa Mesa Gold Coast Counseling
2950 airway ave. suite b3 costa mesa ca 92626
Costa Mesa Gold Coast Counseling
1901 Newport Blvd. Suite 210, Costa Mesa. 92627
Fountain Valley School Ten, Inc.
9555 Garfield Ave. # J, Fountain Valley, CA 92708
Irvine National Council on Alcoholism
5 Mason Suite #150 Irvine, CA. 92618
Laguna Hills Gold Coast Counseling
26941 Cabot Road, Suite #129
Orange School Ten, Inc
1111 Town & Country, Suite 25
Santa Ana National Council on Alcoholism
1200 N. Main Street Suite #700
Santa Ana School Ten, Inc
1772 S. Main St.
San Juan Capistrano Academy of Defensive Driving
31726 Rancho Viejo #120
Westminster School Ten, Inc
6156 Garden Grove Blvd.

What are the 18 month treatment program alcohol Classes?

The 18-Month Treatment Program is standardized by law in California.  If you have a DUI with a prior, you must attend this program to get your license back with the DMV, and the judge must sentence you to this program. Under California’s Senate Bill 38 (SB38), the class must be spread out over eighteen months, two hours per class once per week.

The program is split into two phases, one 12 months long, and the other is six months long.  Those alcohol program phases have the following instruction:

Phase One: The First Twelve Months

The first 12 months of the multiple offender alcohol program consists of the following sessions and requirements:

  • You must attend 26 Group Sessions, which are 2 hours each, every other week. (Note that some alcohol classes want you to start with them every week, tapering to every other week).
  • You must attend a total of 26 fifteen minute (minimum) Face to Face Interviews or Meetings with a case manager, one every other week.
  • You must attend a total of 6 – two hour Alcohol Education Classes.
  • You must attend 52 Self-Help Meetings (AA classes, NA classes, or equivalent).
  • Most programs will have built in Absences Allowed up to a maximum of 10.


  • Phase Two: The Final Six Months (The “Reentry Phase”

    • You must attend 6 Re-entry Group Sessions, which are 1 hour in length each.

Can I do the 18-Month Treatment Program online?

Note that online classes are not allowed by the court in general (but may be in extreme circumstances, such as where someone is out of the state or country and may not attend in person classes regularly).  The California DMV does not accept anything but in person classes that took place in California.

How much does the 18-Month Treatment Program cost?

The fees will vary by the class provider.  Most charge you weekly.  The weekly cost normally ranges between $25.00 – $35.00/week, so budget for approximately $1500 total, more or less.  Check with the program you would like to attend first to see how much they charge.

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