Orange County Breathalyzer Machine


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Orange County Breathalyzer Machine

Orange County Breathalyzer Machine

Orange County Breathalyzer Machine

By far, the most popular Orange County Breathalyzer Machine is the Alco-Sensor IV, by Intoxometers, Inc.  In years of handling cases in OC as one of the best DUI attorneys in Orange County, we have seen almost all police officers in an Orange County DUI arrest use this device. All law enforcement agencies in Orange County have their breath devices maintained and calibrated by one agency – the Orange County Crime Lab.

Our Orange County DUI attorney attended a training and hands-on operation instruction for the new Orange County Breathalyzer device,the Alco-Sensor V, which is soon to replace (after 2017) the AlcoSensor IV.

The Alco-Sensor IV with Memory provides a method of determining breath alcohol concentration, with the ability to store test results for easy retrieval by law enforcement, or for DMV hearings after a DUI arrest.

Evidential grade breath test results are stored in the onboard memory for printing or a later transfer to a computer-based centralized database program.

Orange County Breathalyzer Machine features Include:

  • Fuel cell technology
  • Automated, software-driven breath testing protocol
  • An LED display, providing step-by-step instructions for fail-safe alcohol testing
  • Automatically samples deep lung breath
  • Standard three digit readout.
  • Stores test records to memory
  • Capable of printing test results
  • Mouthpiece release feature eliminates operator contact with a used mouthpiece
  • Easy operation, as the mouthpiece powers the instrument “on” and “off”

Orange County Breathalyzer Alcohol Sensor IV accuracy, like any breath alcohol testing instrument, needs to be checked periodically.  For the Intoximeters Alco-Sensor IV instrument, this is accomplished by running a standard with a known alcohol concentration through the instrument’s sampling system and verifying that the result is within an acceptable tolerance range of the expected value of the standard.  This procedure is called an “accuracy check” and is sometimes referred to as a “calibration check” because it is a test (check) of proper calibration.  If the result is within the acceptable tolerance defined in a Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) designed for the Orange County DUI testing program, the device is considered accurate.  If the result is outside of the acceptable tolerance, the device is not providing accurate readings and therefore needs to be calibrated immediately.

The equipment used to perform accuracy checks and calibrations are referred to as “calibration equipment” and the manufacturer provides everything needed to maintain the accuracy of this testing device.

For information on the Defenses to DUI Breath Cases, see our detailed article, written by a top rated Orange County DUI lawyer,  on the subject.  

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