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Our Commitment To Our Clients And The Community

About Us Robert Miller Associates

The attorneys at Robert Miller & Associates are fully committed to our clients, our colleagues, the courts and the community. As attorneys and counselors who practice in California, we commit:

To Our Clients

To every client no matter the size or circumstances of your case, we pledge diligence, competence, loyalty and confidentiality. We promise to uphold the standards of the legal profession, prove worthy of your trust and provide the best possible representation. We further commit to offering you information on all alternative methods of dispute resolution and to helping you handle your legal needs quickly and economically. Specifically, we will:

  • protect your privacy and personal information,
  • exercise good, independent judgment on your behalf,
  • keep you well-informed of your case’s progress,
  • return your calls and emails quickly,
  • charge you reasonable fees for the work we perform,
  • explain fee computation and billing in advance,
  • respect your decisions about the case,
  • work to make the legal system accessible, responsive and civil for you.

To Opposing Counsel And Their Clients

To all those who find themselves in opposition to our work and our clients, we offer civility and integrity. We will tell the truth and avoid misleading you. We will work with you as much as possible to make meetings, hearings and depositions convenient and easy. We will avoid excessive and abusive discovery tactics. If we fail to reach our commitment goals, we will work to resolve differences with professionalism and dignity.

To The Court And Tribunals

To all courts and bodies with which we are involved, we offer candor, courtesy and respect. Always keeping the needs of my clients as the top priority, we pledge to work with opposing counsel as appropriate to avoid and resolve litigation. When possible, we will support and participate in a voluntary exchange of information and a reasonable discovery plan. In everything we do, we will honor the pathway toward true justice.

To The Community

In the spirit of public service and recognizing that our actions reflect upon the justice system as a whole and the legal system specifically, we conduct ourselves according to the highest possible ethical conduct standards and specifically according to the California Rules of Professional Conduct and the State Bar Act To the Public and the Justice System.
Simply put, we offer our time, our skills and our devoted service to the our clients, to the systems in which we participate and to the community as a whole. These are our commitments and the guidelines that shape this law practice.

Our Mission: "To deliver outstanding client service, to provide fulfilling careers and professional satisfaction for our people, and to achieve financial success so that we can reward ourselves, grow, and give back to the community."