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Underage DUI Attorney in Orange County

Underage DUI Attorney in Orange County

California law is especially harsh on any alcohol related offenses for those under age 21.  If a driver under age 21 is found in possession of alcohol, with an open container, or driving with any measurable level of alcohol (.01% or higher alcohol level), then there is a mandatory one-year suspension.  If you or your child was cited or arrested, for any under 21 offense, our underage DUI attorney in Orange County can help you.

Arrested For Underage (Under 21) DUI – What are you Looking At?

Anyone cited or arrested for an under 21 underaged DUI or related charge (alcohol possession, or refusal) in California will have a court date and also a right to a DMV hearing to contest any suspension. The criminal case is prosecuted by the DA’s Office. The California Department of Motor Vehicles Office of Driver Safety gives you only 10 days after the incident to request a license hearing or the one-year hard suspension of your license is automatic. 

As you know, prosecutors, the courts, and even the law, all want to show how tough they are against people with a DUI case.  The punishment includes potential jail time, loss of your license, loss of a job, and thousands of dollars in fines if not handled correctly.  Don’t let the system excessively punish you without looking at all sides. Although you probably are still dealing with the impact from your arrest, this is more serious than you realize.

The law for juveniles is more flexible.  It has a maximum (six months in jail, and a fine and fees that total $5000) and a minimum (three years probation, an alcohol school, and base fines of $390), but DUI cases are sometimes reduced to another charge, which will reduce the punishment.

How to handle an underage under 21 DUI

The best way to handle a DUI or any charge under 21 is to be prepared, and make sure to know the consequences of any potential finding by the court, or at the DMV.  A conviction, or losing a DMV hearing, in an underage DUI case, can result in not only fines and other punishment but carries a mandatory hard one-year driving suspension.

What our past clients have stated about us

Many clients helped by our firm in the past can attest to our great results.  We have many top ratings and reviews, including the Avvo Lawyer Rating Client’s Choice Award in the DUI field, and the “clients love us” award on Yelp, based upon reviews from our clients.

Top rated best Orange County DUI Lawyer

“AMAZING! This is the first word that comes to mind when describing the skill and competence of Robert and his team. Robert kept in touch with me MORE than I even expected and every step of the way assured me that he was doing everything possible for me. In the end, I went from facing multiple criminal charges that were more than a year old that I didn’t know about until recently, to have the ENTIRE case dismissed!

Robert Miller & Associates is the ONLY attorney you should seek counsel from in Orange County.”Craig L., from a Yelp review of our services.

As one client stated about their experience:

We had a very positive experience with Robert Miller. It’s clearly apparent that he is a knowledgeable and experienced attorney. He was very responsive to our inquiries and kept us well informed. What sets Robert apart from other attorneys is his ability to translate and explain legal information into clear and concise statements for easy consumption by individuals who are not in the legal field. In addition to answering our direct questions, he provided us with additional information that we (unknowingly) needed to fully understand the situation and make an informed decision. We highly recommend Robert for legal consultation and services.”  (Johnson, from an Avvo review).

What other attorneys say about our expertise

Even other attorneys in the field know that our law firm has the expertise and knowledge to handle your DUI matter.  We have top ratings from colleagues within our area of expertise.  As one stated:

Top rated Best Orange County DUI Attorney Reviews

“20 years of practicing criminal law is very experienced. His knowledge of both the law and procedure is excellent and evident in his pro bono contributions. His numerous client reviews are stellar. READ THEM. Do yourself a favor if you are in or near Newport Beach and schedule a consultation.” (Peter Marek, Esq., from one of over 60 attorney endorsements through Avvo.)

Meet Our Skilled DUI Attorney

Robert L. Miller Attorney

Robert Miller is a well known underage DUI Attorney in Orange County.  He is a member of the California DUI Lawyers AssociationN, The National College of DUI Defense, the DUI Defense Lawyers Association, among other professional organizations. He is known for being a top Underage DUI Attorney in Orange County.

Many major television networks, newspapers, and websites, including the Washington Post and ABC 7 News have had Robert Miller appear on television and radio to provide legal commentary on cases in the news.

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