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BUI Attorney In Newport Beach

Arrested for Boating Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs?

When living on the coast, many residents that take up boating as a pastime. Law enforcement officers, harbor patrol officials, and the Coast Guard are always on the lookout for intoxicated boaters who are operating their vessels under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

You can be arrested for boating under the influence if you are operating a boat, water skis, small watercraft, or any other similar device while under the influence. Call our Newport Beach BUI lawyer today to get the defense you need.

Legal BAC Levels for Boating

Private vessel accepted blood alcohol content is the same as it is for vehicles on the road: 0.08%. Commercial operators are held to lesser alcohol content limit of 0.04%. If you have been arrested for boating under the influence (BUI), it is essential that you retain trusted legal representation from our firm right away.

When you work with our office, we will:

  • Thoroughly review your case
  • Investigate all evidence gathered by law enforcement
  • Determine whether your rights were infringed upon in any manner
  • Develop a personalized defense for your case
  • Aggressively defend your rights
  • Work to obtain a favorable settlement or court verdict

You need to work with Robert Miller & Associates!

At our firm, we are not afraid to challenge any evidence that may have been brought against you and we will always take action to ensure that your rights and future are diligently defended. With the guidance of our office, you could obtain a favorable result to your boating under the influence case.

If you were arrested anywhere in Southern California for boating or driving under the influence, contact Robert Miller & Associates today and schedule a free initial consultation with a Newport Beach BUI lawyer from our team.

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