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Information for Attorneys

Our motto when dealing with all attorneys in or out of our particular field of practice is “Cooperation, Not Competition.” Our style is to work cooperatively with other attorneys in a straightforward and honest manner. This page has information for lawyers on how we might be able to help you.

Providing consultations and expert testimony on DUI cases

We are always available to bounce ideas off of, or review cases to help spread information for attorneys in the field of practice in DUI defense.  Mr. Miller has provided testimony in court on the subject of field sobriety testing, and DUI detection and investigation.  Contact our firm for a current curriculum vitae (CV) and information on retaining our services for more detailed advisement or testimony on a case.

Normally, for an evaluation in a case that involves intoxication alleging either alcohol, or drugs, Mr. Miller would need to review the following information submitted by defense counsel:

  1. ) All police reports;
  2. ) All testing results;
  3. ) All audio, or video, in the case;
  4. ) All laboratory standards, and calibration, and maintenance records for the lab, and the measuring device used; and
  5. ) Any medical records, with the client’s disclosure, as appropriate.

We typically offer the following:

Special Appearances for Attorneys in Orange County Courts

Information for attorneys on how we can help you by appearing in court for you: Unlike counties outside of Orange County, our courts are easily accessible, and our attorneys are well known by Orange County judges, and by staff in OC courtrooms, just based upon our years of appearances there. Our firm is close to all Orange County court locations, and we may be able to help you out by appearing for you, at less effort than you driving down to your client’s court location.

While we are not a special appearance attorney service, and we are not associated with any special appearance service, we often make appearances for continuances, negotiations, or handling of cases in Orange County courthouses as a courtesy to other lawyers.

Contact us via email, or phone, or text, and we are happy to trade you for a like appearance in your home courthouse, or county, or make any other arrangements you like.

Networking opportunities for lawyers to learn from other lawyers

Our firm participates in, and sponsors, many legal events in Orange County for other lawyers.  We also have presented at continuing education MCLE educational seminars for lawyers all over California.

We also participate heavily in online discussions regarding DUI defense, criminal defense, alcohol licensing and cannabis licensing.  Certain lawyer associations in our field require a recommendation from an attorney member, and we are happy to recommend you for associations in the field of practice we have memberships in.

Contact us if you’re interested in information for attorneys or for more information about any of those opportunities for you, or an invite or sponsorship.

Information for Attorneys

DUI Publications and Practice Guides for Attorneys

We have a DUI survival guide for Orange County courts, but also have co-authored two books aimed at information for attorneys practicing in DUI defense, through Aspatore Press, a division of West Publishing.  You can purchase those through West, or through Amazon, at the following links:

Refer cases to our firm Miller and Associates

Unlike many firms in our areas of practice, we do not advertise.  Our primary source of clients are personal referrals, from our colleagues, our friends, and our former clients.  Our firm practices in the areas of DUI Defense, certain specific Felony and Misdemeanor Criminal Defense, matters, and with our Immigration Lawyer Bita Hamidi, certain specific immigration work or professional visa matters.

We work the exact reverse of the high volume law firms. We select a relatively small amount of cases and put a great deal of time and effort into them. We often investigate what seem like small cases from individuals and small businesses and discover a strategy that is best for a particular client or clients.

When you refer cases to our firm, they are treated with the highest honor and respect.  A personal referral truly is a compliment, and we want to make sure that your trust in us means that we not only appreciate your referral, but do our best to honor that trust by treating our clients above and beyond, handling cases for them to the absolute best of our competency, with compassion, and with as much extra work and attention as is necessary. 

Please let clients know to mention they were referred by you, or let us know.  We would like to send a thank you as part of our appreciation for your personal referrals to our law firm.

We also work in co-counsel relationships, under appropriate fee agreements with all counsel based on client disclosure and arrangements with the referring attorney, in accordance with Rule 2-200 of the Business and Professions Code, with an equitable fee split based on time and expenses expended. And, we’ll work with another attorney or firm that has little experience in one of our practice areas but wants to learn more about that area in a case setting.

Keeping the legal community standards high

Information for Attorneys: We make sure, as part of our ongoing education, our law firm’s commitment to clients, our training for our attorneys and our entire staff, and as part of our duties to other lawyers in our chosen profession, to keep the state bar’s rules of professional responsibility, and the highest ethics of the California bar association in mind as we practice law, and do what is best for our clients, and what is right for them and for the justice system.

You can reach us by phone at (877) 942-3090,
via email at our email, or
by using our online case evaluation form, 24 hours a day.
Our Mission: "To deliver outstanding client service, to provide fulfilling careers and professional satisfaction for our people, and to achieve financial success so that we can reward ourselves, grow, and give back to the community."