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San Diego DUI AttorneySan Diego DUI Attorney

If you have a DUI in San Diego County, then San Diego DUI Attorney Robert Miller can help you and your case.  We have successfully handled DUI cases for people just like you.

Often, it feels as though everyone in the process just wants to show how aggressively they can punish anyone with a DUI. This is especially true in San Diego, which is known for being above average in punishment for DUI matters.

I Was Arrested For DUI in San Diego. What Am I Looking At?

When you are arrested with a DUI in San Diego County, you have three actions you need to take care of right away:

  1. Contact the DMV within ten days of your arrest, to stop your license from being suspended;
  2. Calendar and keep track of the court date you were given upon release; and
  3. Consult with a San Diego DUI Attorney to learn about a strategy that might be best for the facts of your case.

Because you only have 10 days after your arrest to request your license hearing, we put that first.  You can certainly consult with an attorney first, and we can schedule the hearing for you, with no cost to you.

What can your attorneys do for my DUI?

Orange County DUI Attorneys

We carefully review all the evidence in the case, to look closely at all facts and all legal defenses that can help you.  Even other attorneys, if they don’t know the science behind DUI testing, may not know what defenses can protect you.  We look at the probable cause issues in your case, which can dismiss your DUI.  We look carefully at all aspects of the breath test or blood testing to see if they meet the strict requirements of the law.  Machines may not be properly calibrated, blood levels can fail to take into consideration the rising blood alcohol pattern, and blood samples can ferment and produce alcohol, causing an increase in the blood alcohol level.

What our past DUI clients have stated about us

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We have many reviews from our clients on Yelp, Avvo, and other rating sites.  Read what our clients have stated about our services.

Meet Our Skilled San Diego DUI Attorney

Orange County DUI Lawyer Robert Miller

Robert Miller is known for being a top rat4d San Diego County DUI Attorney. He has been:

 Why Hire Us for Your DUI Case?

About Us Robert Miller Associates

We have hundreds of successful results in DUI cases, and over 23 years of courtroom and trial experience.

We accept all forms of payment and offer affordable payment plans with nominal down payments.

Miller and Associates is the right choice when you’re in need of a DUI Defense Attorney.  We are known for no-nonsense, honest legal representation.  If you do not need an attorney for your case we will let you know that up front.

Contact Us Now – Let’s Get Started.

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Don’t delay contacting our San Diego DUI Attorney today.  Our firm can answer your questions, and start you on a plan of action today that will help your court date later. The DMV needs action within 10 days of your arrest.  Contact us today.
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