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    DUI Dismissals and Case Results
    See some of the many cases we have won at trial or through motions, negotiations, or strategy. Learn why we are so successful in protecting clients

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It simply isn’t possible to win every case, but successful outcomes in the eyes of the parties involved are often possible. It’s hard to say whether some of those successful outcomes are wins or losses, but they are successes nonetheless. The important thing to remember is that there is much more involved in a lawyer’s success rate than a win-loss record, so that statistic may not be as meaningful as some presume.

For your case, turn to a lawyer who can help you achieve your goals by listening to you, communicating well with you, choosing the right approach and using years of experience to get you what you consider a successful outcome.

Case Results

People v. B. Gutierrez

August, 2016.  Riverside Superior Court, Riverside Courthouse.  Underage DUI Charges filed.  Breath test revealed a .16% alcohol level.

Results: DUI charges dismissed, client pled to infraction public intoxication, which leaves no criminal record, or driver’s license record.

People v. K. Hatcher

July, 2016.  San Bernardino Superior Court, Rancho Cucamonga Courthouse.  DUI Charges and Refusal, with a .16% high blood alcohol enhancement filed.

Results: DUI charges dismissed.

People v. James M.


Reduction to misdemeanor of Felony DUI and Hit and Run 27% alcohol level DUI case with injury. Orange County Superior Court Westminster courthouse.

People v. Sherry V.


Reduction to Misdemeanor from Felony DUI 17% alcohol level case, Orange County Superior Court, Newport Beach courthouse.

People v. V. Agarwal

Not guilty at trial.4/12/2013

Case heard at the Orange County Superior Court Central Justice Center, Santa Ana Courthouse.

People v. H. Shim

Case dismissed completely3/29/2013

Irvine DUI case, arrested with a breath test of a .12. Motion to dismiss challenging the probable cause for the stop filed and heard at the Orange County Superior Court Harbor Justice Center Courthouse in Newport Beach.

People v. D. Degoas

Case dismissed completely3/15/2013

Assault and Battery case, heard in the Orange County Superior Court Santa Ana courthouse (Central Justice Center).

People v. Yoo

Case dismissed3/1/2013

.14 blood test DUI case, stopped by Irvine DUI enforcement officer.

People v. David H.


DUI charges (Vehicle Code §23152(a) and (b)), and possession of Narcotics (Health and Safety Code §11377), with blood alcohol level of .27, DISMISSED after arguing Serna motion to dismiss for denial of speedy trial rights.

People v. J. Ruelas

Plea Bargain9/11/2007

Third strike burglary and possession of controlled substance case, with offer of 27 to life in prison, reduced to two years.

People v. Todd D.


Trespassing and Failure to appear charges DISMISSED after motion to dismiss filed and argued.

People v. Eric R.


Felony Home Invasion Robbery, Personal use of Firearm,Burglary, False Imprisonment. At jury trial, defendant, represented by Robert Miller, was found NOT GUILTY on all counts.

People v. C. Ruelas

Dismissal – Burglary and petty theft charges dismissed on motion at trial.

Law Firm Success Rate:

A lawyer’s success rate is typically defined by his or her win-loss record, but that doesn’t always tell the whole story. Circumstances play a big role in determining whether a case outcome is successful for the parties involved. In many cases, a successful outcome does not always even mean there was an acquittal.

Consider this example: A client with an extensive criminal record has a major new charge against her that could result in significant jail time. A success for this client could be a conviction that does not result in jail time or one that results in a much lighter than expected sentence.

Also, consider that a lawyer may receive a bad ruling — impacting his or her win-loss record — but successfully gets the loss overturned on appeal. Could that case be considered a success or a failure?

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