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Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney

Orange County criminal defense attorney

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Start work with an Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney by requesting a consultation today to learn how aggressive representation can help you.

If you or a loved one are facing criminal charges anywhere in Orange County, don’t put off taking action now that can help your case later. Orange County courts and prosecutors are known for asking for punishment, including long sentences, that might be avoided in certain cases. Consult with Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney Robert Miller for help today.

Robert Miller has handled thousands of cases for people just like you and can help guide you to a successful conclusion of your case and minimize the impact on you and your family from the filing of a criminal case.

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What punishment are you facing in an Orange County Criminal case?

DUI Punishment California

You probably first wondering what you are facing, or what the worst case scenario is. That depends, as you might expect, on what the charges are you are accused of.  The law splits up charges into infractions, misdemeanors, and felonies, depending on their severity, and also depending on how long the potential sentencing can be for the crime.

For criminal cases in Orange County, California,  charges are filed by and any offers to plead guilty, dismiss, or reduce, are made or discussed by the Orange County prosecutor (in most cases, the Orange County District Attorney’s Office). As an experienced Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney, Robert Miller can help you develop a strategy and help minimize the effect of an arrest on your freedom, your criminal record, and your life.

You Owe it to Yourself to Work with the Best Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney That You Can

The outcome of your criminal case depends on the facts of your case, your legal defenses, and the negotiations between the prosecutor and the defense attorney. There’s a significant difference between sentences imposed, even by the same judge, based upon facts presented by an experienced Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney who is well prepared and known by the court.

A criminal defense attorney in Orange County, who is experienced in defense can do any, or all of, the following, to help the case:

  • Prepare and file motions to exclude evidence, or to dismiss charges;
  • Present information about you, your career, character, and circumstances, and character, as evidence that may mitigate the crime;
  • Outline all the defenses, and any problems based on the facts of your case, to the Orange County prosecutor;
  • Handle your criminal trial, and argue any problems with the prosecution’s case, or the existence of reasonable doubt as to the charges; and
  • Negotiate with the prosecutor assigned to your case, or with the judge, towards reducing charges, or minimizing punishment in your criminal charges.

Robert Miller, an Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney, has successfully handled thousands of criminal cases. As a result, his knowledge, education, his record of success, and experience in criminal defense get put to work for every client.

Attorney Robert Miller’s qualifications as a Criminal Defense attorney include:

  • More than two decades of criminal defense experience in Orange County
  • A history of success, including dismissals, trial wins, and creative plea bargain agreements
  • Ongoing education on sentencing, scientific issues, and criminal case law.

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Testimonials and Reviews from our Clients

We have had many five star reviews and top ratings that clients have left for us on the rating sites YelpAvvo (a lawyer rating site), Google, and elsewhere from people helped by our law firm.

Best Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney Yelp

AMAZING! This is the first word that comes to mind when describing the skill and competence of Robert and his team. Robert kept in touch with me MORE than I even expected and every step of the way assured me that he was doing everything possible for me. In the end, I went from facing multiple criminal charges that were more than a year old that I didn’t know about until recently, to have the ENTIRE case dismissed! Robert Miller & Associates is the ONLY attorney you should seek counsel from in Orange County!” – Craig, from Yelp

Best Orange County DUI Attorney Yelp Review Renee

I get in contact with Robert Miller and he looks up the details in my case and a few days later contacts me that he has us on the court calendar to get this resolved.  He takes care of everything contacts me when it is done.  His fees are totally reasonable and I was not hassled at all my license is released and I am now the law abiding citizen I thought I was before this all began. Bottom line I would totally recommend Robert, he was professional and efficient in my case.” –  Renee, from Yelp

Best Orange County DUI Attorney Yelp Reviews Elizabeth

I found Robert Miller to be both professional and approachable. He returned my calls quickly and answered my questions with confidence.  I felt that he explored every option available to me and fought hard on my behalf.  I would gladly recommend Robert Miller to anyone who needs top-notch legal counsel and specifically a great defense attorney.” – Elizabeth, from Yelp

Best Criminal Defense Attorneys Yelp Reviews Abbey

Robert was very efficient and helpful throughout my entire process.  I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of great representation.  Hard working, always kept me informed and I was able to minimize my situation more than I ever expected.” – Abbey, from Yelp

Don’t take chances with your future. Give yourself the same advantage these former clients did by consulting with our firm to see how we can help you.

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Criminal Defense Strategies for Orange County cases

We realize that every criminal case we handle has different facts,  different crimes charged, and every client has a different background. To determine the best defense for you, we usually conduct a comprehensive legal and factual review of all options in your case, and then propose a strategy including:

  • Conducting an investigation, with the assistance of a professional investigator, to look for witnesses, evidence or defenses;
  • Reviewing the patrol car video, and all audio, data, or photographs involved in your Orange County arrest;
  • Consulting with medical experts for certain defenses, or with expert witnesses on investigation issues; and
  • Investigating every aspect of the case and pursuing all available challenges to the evidence in your Orange County criminal case.

Prosecutors in Orange County cases are in some cases specially trained in prosecuting certain types of crimes.  This is especially true with felony cases.  They are aggressive in pushing for conviction and harsher consequences against you in your case. Our Orange County criminal defense law firm has to be equally aggressive in defending your rights and fighting for the best outcome possible in your case.

Why Hire Us for Your Orange County Criminal Defense Case?

About Us Robert Miller Associates

Our law firm focuses on quality criminal Defense, and we have obtained successful results in Orange County cases. That includes Orange County matters dismissed completely or reduced for our clients.

About Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney Robert Miller

DUI Defense Attorney Orange County

Attorney Robert Miller has a 10.0 Avvo rating, and has been designated a “Client’s Choice DUI Attorney.”  He was named by clients as the best Orange County DUI Lawyer on Yelp, receiving Yelp’s highest rating award, based on reviews.

In addition to his law degree and 20+ years of experience in Orange County courts, Mr. Miller has handled thousands of criminal cases in all courts in Orange County.

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