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Los Angeles DUI

Can a DUI cause immigration problems?

Los Angeles DUI Cases: Los Angeles is a city with thriving nightlife, and famously without good public transportation. Everyone has a car, as you can tell from freeway traffic at any hour, day or night.

No wonder why Los Angeles DUI cases number in the thousands each year – many times higher than in San Francisco, or East Coast cities with good public transportation.

In Los Angeles, DUI is the number one crime – outranking any other crime in the County of Los Angeles.

A DUI charge is a charge of driving under the influence and typically involves individuals who have been pulled over for speeding, swerving, driving without headlights, or other reasons.

Police will have an individual perform a series of field sobriety tests to determine whether they are drunk.  A person may be given which may include a breathalyzer or a blood test. Individuals who have been accused of a DUI are typically frightened and unsure of where to turn. Our Los Angeles DUI lawyers routinely defend clients who have been accused of driving under the intoxication of alcohol or drugs and know the system, the defenses that work, and how cases are best handled.

Los Angeles DUI Attorney

Individuals accused of DUI should immediately contact an experienced Los Angeles DUI lawyer. While some believe it’s safe to wait until it’s time to go to court, contacting an attorney as soon as you’re arrested is the best choice. Details are clearer and the attorney can do his or her own investigation into the arrest and the way the arrest was handled.  Often times, the way the arrest was handled can determine whether the charges will be dropped or at least significantly reduced.

Attorneys defending a DUI may have their clients tested; much like someone would receive a second opinion from a physician after their regular physician has made a diagnosis. This might lead to inconsistency in the police officer’s testing or in the call he or she made to arrest the individual. Whether or not the individual was read his or her Miranda rights will also factor into the case and what the outcome is.

Attorneys can often have DUI charges dismissed based on different factors of the case. With the new laws being enforced allowing judges to install ignition interlock devices into the vehicles of those charged with DUIs, attorneys are needed more than ever. The attorney can fight to prevent this from happening, especially in a case where the arrest that was made was not done according to the statutes and laws.

Other things the attorney will look at when going over your case include whether or not the officer had probable cause to pull you over, what information you were given about the breathalyzer test and whether it was properly calibrated, whether a licensed individual performed the test, whether you were told to keep blowing into the breathalyzer, etc. Each of these things is a clue as to whether or not you were given fair and just treatment by the law. This is why it’s important to contact our Los Angeles DUI Attorneys as soon as you find out that you’ve been charged with a DUI and have access to a phone to do so.

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