Advantages of Breathalyzer and How It Works


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Advantages of Breathalyzer and How It Works

Advantages of Breathalyzer and How It Works

Advantages of Breathalyzer and How It Works

“Do not drink and drive” is a common quote that is hardly followed by the people. In spite of some progress in last few years, drunk driving claims nearly 10,000 lives and costs almost $194 billion each year in the USA. Seeing this scenario, it becomes highly required to install an alcohol detection system in the car that can help avoid DUI – Driving under influence.

But if you are unaware of this device, you must read ahead to learn more about alcohol detection systems so that you can enjoy the driving safely:

Alcohol has been a responsible factor of approximately one-third of fatal crash, accidents, and deaths. Drunk driving is dangerous for a driver, the passenger and well as the pedestrians. But, the future is near when the car itself will not let you drive if you are drunk or have consumed alcohol more than the legal limits.

Technology has potential solutions to prevent or take control of certain situations. Alcohol detection system is a part of this advanced technology. You are unable to drive once the system detects intoxicated driver with BAC – Blood Alcohol Concentration at or above 0.08% through the provided breathalyzer. This is the possible best solution, for now, to minimize or eliminate drunk driving and the loss it causes.

According to a trustworthy survey conducted in the beginning of 2017, the ignition interlock systems have prevented over 1.77 million drunk driving attempts across the USA. So when the festive season is nearest, you would want to make sure to not to be pulled over by police enforcement and spend holidays in jail. That is indeed an awful thing because nobody wants their license being canceled or paying a hefty amount of fines.

What possible options can you have to avoid all these situations and drive safely and happily? The answer is to install an ignition interlock device in your vehicle. This little thing can be greatly helpful as any amount of alcohol affects your driving skills and vision. So get it installed in your car, but how?

First of all, you have to find a federal and state certified company that provides services for interlock ignition device in vehicles. The procedure goes as below that can guide you step by step:


A skilled technician installs the alcohol detection device in your vehicle at first and then the client gets the training for how to use it. The installation time of ignition interlock takes 2 to 3 hours.

– Guidance

Once the installation work is finished, the driver gets instructed by a staff member about how to operate it. That way, you feel comfortable and confident to do it by yourself. Practice can make it more easy to use.

– While driving

The IID – Interlock Ignition Device advice you whenever a breath sample is needed even when you are driving on the road and ignition, has been on for a while. It is called a rolling re-test which is important to ensure no alcohol is consumed after the engine has been running for a while.

You get 3 minutes to provide a breath sample and if you fail 3 times in 3 minutes, the system asks you to pull over the vehicle. It does not shut the engine off; Find a safe place to stop the car, turn off the engine and try again to provide a sample.

– Calibration

The device can be calibrated at the service center every 2 months or say 60 days. A text or call you receive as a reminder before a week of the service day. Also, the device displays the date by which the calibration should get done. It is crucial to have Interlock Ignition device as it is a life savior. So get the breathalyzer installed and drive safe, drive happy!

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