Anaheim DUI Attorneys


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Anaheim DUI Attorneys

Anaheim DUI Attorneys

Most DUI cases in Anaheim are handled by the Anaheim City Attorney’s Office, who acts as prosecutor for Anaheim DUI cases. Only if there was an Anaheim felony DUI arrest, would the Orange County District Attorney’s Office prosecute the case, from their office at the North Justice Center Fullerton Courthouse.  As Anaheim DUI Attorneys, our office has defended many cases filed by both agencies, in our over two decades of helping clients with Anaheim cases.
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Anaheim is known for being tough on DUI cases, and aggressive in the way that they handle drunk driving matters.  Our Anaheim DUI Attorneys can help you and your case.  We have successfully handled thousands of DUI cases and can guide you to a successful conclusion of your DUI matter.
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What You Need to Do Now in an Anaheim DUI Case

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Our law firm has over 23 years experience in handling DUI cases in Anaheim and in Orange County. . Here’s the short story about what you can do to help your case, and how our Anaheim DUI Attorneys can help.  You have actually two things to worry about, and two deadlines:

  1. With your court date, you need to see an Orange County DUI Lawyer that is familiar with the special handling of Anaheim DUI cases before your court date.  Gathering certain documents, going to AA or another program, obtaining information on medications and your particular work or school situation should start now, and not wait until court.
  2. Regarding your driving privileges, you need to have a DUI lawyer request, or request yourself, a DMV hearing within ten days from your arrest.  That stops the automatic suspension of your driving privileges. We can help.

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Testimonials:  What our past DUI clients have stated about us:

Many clients helped by our Anaheim DUI Attorneys over the years have left testimonials on Yelp, Avvo, and other sites, including the following:

I had a  very high comfort level with his legal abilities and his many years of knowledge with the Orange County Court System.   In several court appearances, Robert was able to convince the district attorney of our defense.   Ultimately the case was dismissed.  Robert gets a five-star rating from me.   He is professional and easy to reach either by phone or email or even text message.  His fees are fair and very competitive.” — Maurice, from Yelp
Robert will spend time with you and discuss your legal situation without any mention about legal fees. He will listen without judgment.He is available to answer your questions and will give you an honest answer.  Most attorneys will not meet with you without an upfront payment for the initial consultation.” — Lenore, from Yelp
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Robert was very efficient and helpful throughout my entire process. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of great representation. Hard working, always kept me informed and was able to minimize my situation more than I ever expected! Thank you for all your help, you’re the best!” — Abbey, from Yelp

Why Hire Us for Your Anaheim DUI Case?

Our staff and lawyers at Miller and Associates is the right choice for any case where you need our Anaheim DUI Attorneys.  With monthly payment plans, and no-nonsense, honest legal representation, we can help see what would help your case.

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Don’t delay contacting our Anaheim DUI Attorneys today.  Our firm can answer your questions, and start you on a plan of action today that will help your court date later. The DMV needs action within 10 days of your arrest.  Contact us today.


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