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Halloween DUIs more deadly than New Year's Eve

By: Jade
Nov 1, 2015
Halloween DUIs more deadly than New Year’s Eve Our Orange County DUI Attorney received information from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration about DUI accidents.  Fatal crashes involving a drunken driver occur three...

Police prefer candidates who won't arrest other officers for DUI in Massachusetts

By: Jade
Sep 4, 2015
POLICE PREFER CANDIDATES WHO WON’T ARREST OTHER OFFICERS FOR DUI IN MASSACHUSETTS A DUI can happen to anyone, even police officers. No one should be above the law. Police prefer...

Robert Miller earns Avvo's top ratings

By: Jade
Sep 4, 2015
Robert Miller earns Avvo’s top ratings    Avvo is the service that provides Orange County DUI attorney ratings.  Our law firm has some of the top rated Orange County DUI...
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