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Best DUI lawyers in Orange County, CA

Best DUI lawyers in Orange County, CA

Going through a DUI arrest can be traumatic. It can leave you wondering what will happen to you, your license, your job, and your record.  You should be interested in finding out who the best DUI lawyers in Orange County, CA might be, and how they can help you.

Why get a DUI Lawyer for your case at all?

DUI cases are technical, as they involve both laws and statutes that are designed to help prosecutors get a conviction and balance your rights.  They also deal with issues of scientific testing and accuracy, which most lawyers outside of those few that sspecializesin drunk driving cases are not familiar with.

The separate DMV licensing hearing you face as part of a DUI is also civil in nature and requires different strategies in most cases than those involved in the court prosecution.  The DMV’s own statistics show that the statistical odds of winning your DMV hearing increase when you have an attorney.

In general, for any personal service, whether medical, tax audits, or legal, you get better results with a professional handling your matter for you.  There are only a handful that can truly be called the Best DUI lawyers in Orange County, CA. The best among us in the field of DUI defense constantly stay on the cutting edge in new laws, legal defenses, creative handling of DUI cases, investigation, testing, and punishment for cases involving driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


How do I find the Best DUI lawyers in Orange County, CA?

The best way to find an attorney in any area of practice is to know someone personally.  Your next best option is to get a personal recommendation or search using certain criteria.  To be the Best DUI Attorney in Orange County, in our opinion, your legal professional should have, at the minimum, all of the following:

  • A clean record, with no history of problems, with the State Bar of California;
  • A focus on DUI cases;
  • Specialized certification in breath testing, blood testing, and field sobriety testing in alcohol or drug cases;
  • Membership in the premier DUI defense associations, including the California Defense Lawyers Association (the CDLA), the National DUI Defense lawyers Association (DUIDLA), and the National College of DUI Defense.  Each of those organizations screen attorneys before they become a member, and focus on continuous education on the latest cutting edge information regarding DUI cases;
  • A history of success in handling DUI trials and cases; and
  • Excellent testimonials from actual clients of the DUI defense lawyer.

When you choose our firm, you have a lawyer that has no discipline or any problems, ever, with the California State Bar. Orange County DUI Attorney Robert Miller has been handling DUI cases for over 23 years and has certification in field sobriety testing, breath, and blood testing.  We have a long history of success in DUI cases, at trial and during creative negotiations, having DUI cases dismissed, winning DMV hearings in DUI cases, and successfully handing even difficult  DUI cases.

Professionally handling DUI cases in Orange County, using our expertise in this field, is all we do. Our client testimonials and reviews reflect our success in DUI cases.


What past DUI clients say about us

Many clients helped by our firm in the past can attest to our great results.  We have many top ratings and reviews, including the Avvo Lawyer Rating Client’s Choice Award in the DUI field, and the “clients love us” award on Yelp, based upon our representation.
Orange County DUI Lawyer Yelp Reviews Steve
“This man was simply incredible.  I’d recommend him to anyone.
Thank you Mr. Miller for everything you did for us.” Steve, from Yelp.
Strongly recommend Attorney Robert Miller for legal services. Robert is passionate about law and representing his clients.  He is approachable, extremely knowledgable and has a track record that is hard to beat”. — Brett, from Yelp
“Robert is hands-down the most professional attorney I have ever met. I wish I could give him more than five stars but since I can’t I will just say if you need an attorney for any reason go to Robert.”  – Craig, from Yelp

Our results in DUI cases

Our preparation has obtained our clients’ great results before the courts and the DMV, including DUIs reduced or dismissed.

Meet One of the Best DUI lawyers in Orange County, CA

DUI Defense Lawyer, Robert Miller,  is known for being among the best DUI lawyers in Orange County, CA, and is recognized as a top Orange County DUI lawyer.
With impeccable credentials, hundreds of great results in DUI cases, and over 23 years of courtroom and trial experience, Robert Miller is the right choice for any case where you need one of the best DUI lawyers in Orange County, CA.  We are known for no-nonsense, honest legal representation.  If you do not need an attorney for your case, if we cannot help you, we will let you know that up front.

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