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DUI Lawyers Irvine

DUI Lawyers Irvine

Irvine is committed to being a city that is tough on DUI cases of all types.  The Irvine Police Department often sets up DUI checkpoints in Irvine, and has regular patrols and training to find persons driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs in Irvine.  Our Irvine DUI Information page has many resources to learn about what happens through the process of a DUI in Irvine, and our DUI Lawyers Irvine are equally dedicated to DUI training, education, and asserting defenses, to help those that find themselves facing an Irvine DUI case.

How can any of the many DUI Lawyers Irvine help me?

A DUI Lawyer with specific knowledge, training, education, and experience in DUI science, laws, and defenses, can help your case.  By meticulously looking over every fact in the case, including the reason why you were stopped, and the accuracy of your testing device, among other defenses to DUI, you will have the best chance of defeating your case, or minimizing the impact from an Irvine DUI on your license, your career, and your record.

A DUI Lawyer can help by reviewing the entire case for legal defenses, factual discrepancies, and present evidence that is individual to you, about your life, and the impact on you, that may help your case.

Why Hire Your Irvine DUI Defense Firm?

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Our firm has handled thousands of Irvine DUI cases, at the DMV, and in court.  We have successfully dismissed Irvine DUI cases that started as arrests from the Irvine Police Department, even when our clients were told by other attorneys that a dismissal was not possible.

See what clients have said about our DUI lawyer, Robert Miller, in reviews on Yelp and Avvo:

“Robert is hands-down the most professional attorney I have ever met. He is in constant communication throughout the entire time he’s representing you. He also gives you straightforward and honest answers and works to the bone for his clients. I wish I could give him more than five stars but since I can’t I will just say if you need an attorney for any reason go to Robert.Craig, from Yelp


“Robert will spend time with you and discuss your legal situation without any mention about legal fees. As a nurse, I could not afford a conviction on my record.  I was desperate and Robert spent the time to explain what could be done and I was able to walk away without any record except for the traffic infractions. Robert can assist you with that and help minimize the damage so you can put the nightmare situation between behind you.” — Lenore, from Yelp



“I interviewed several firms but I chose to hire Robert Miller.  In several court appearances, Robert was able to convince the district attorney of our defense.   Ultimately the case was dismissed.  Robert gets a five-star rating from me.   He is professional and easy to reach either by phone or email or even text message.  His fees are fair and very competitive.  Thank you.”Maurice, from Yelp

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