Should I get a Lawyer for a DUI?


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Should I get a Lawyer for a DUI?

Should I get a lawyer for a DUI?

Why can’t I represent myself?

Should I get a Lawyer for a DUI?

Should you get a lawyer for a DUI? Can you represent yourself?  You certainly have a right to represent yourself.  The Constitution guarantees that right.  But remember the old legal saying that goes, “He who represents himself has a fool for a client.”


DUIs involve scientific evidence and many technical and specialized defenses.  That includes the DUI defenses related to alcohol or drug testing, as well as the legal defenses (and constitutional defenses) unique to DUI.

There is a lot of California law specialized to DUI cases, in court, and at the DMV. An Orange County DUI charge requires an expert Orange County DUI lawyer.  And, considering the costs of a DUI, and considering that the effects of a DUI can last for years, there is a lot at risk if your DUI case is not handled properly.

If you are going to seriously defend a DUI charge, you are going to need an experienced DUI attorney.

The best way to find a qualified Orange County DUI attorney is to ask questions and do your research.  Ask the attorney questions, and research their qualifications.

Should I get a Lawyer for a DUI? If you can, yes.  A DUI attorney in Orange County good enough for your case must be someone who you have confidence in, who can communicate with you, can communicate with the court and understands the complex issues presented in a drunk driving case.  Having handled thousands of DUI cases in Orange County over 23 years, and having been rated by clients as the best Orange County DUI attorney, we are a top choice to represent you in your Orange County DUI case.

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