What Happens During A DUI Arrest


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What Happens During A DUI Arrest

What Happens During A DUI Arrest


A DUI Conviction in These 3 States Can Ruin Your Life and Drain Your Checking Account

DUI laws are getting harsh all over the country, but in a few of the toughest states, getting convicted of driving under the influence could turn your life upside down. Driving drunk is never a good idea, but if you drink in drive in one of these states, you’ll pay big time for your bad decisions.


In the Grand Canyon State, it’s illegal to drive with a blood-alcohol level above .08%. If you do, you’ll regret it, even if it’s your first DUI offense. A conviction includes mandatory jail time, from 24 hours up to 10 days and you’ll have to get an ignition interlock device installed on your car. You’ll be paying for that device right alongside the hefty fines and court fees.


They don’t take kindly to drunk drivers in the Sunshine State. In fact, even a first-time offense could have you facing felony charges. That means a conviction will follow you around on your permanent record. No one wants to check the felony conviction box on a job application. Uber it up if you plan on having a few drinks in Florida.


While you may not face any mandatory jail time in Oregon, a drunk driving conviction in that state is sure to put the smack down on your checking account. First, there’s the minimum fine of one-thousand-smackers. Then, the great state of Oregon will tack on a laundry list of other fees. Unless you can live on Ramen noodles for a good stretch, it’s better to stay away from the driver seat if you’ve had a few drinks.

What Happens When You Are Arrested for DUI?

What Happens During A DUI Arrest – While the penalties may vary from state to state, the process most police departments use to pull over and test drivers for DUI is pretty routine. Check out the infographic to learn more about what you can expect, and never hesitate to obtain representation from an Orange County DUI lawyer if you are charged.

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