It’s important to abide by DUI bail conditions


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It’s important to abide by DUI bail conditions

Why it’s important to abide by DUI bail conditions

With Orange County DUI cases, it’s important to abide by your bail conditions, exactly as imposed by the court at your bail hearing, or arraignment hearing.

An arraignment is the first court date in your case, and if your DUI case was in Orange County, and if the facts involved in your DUI were especially bad, or if you have a prior DUI, then at the arraignment the judge will set bail conditions.  In OC Courts, the judges usually also set bail conditions for a second time DUI, a third time DUI, or a fourth time DUI or higher.

What are the usual DUI bail conditions in Orange County DUI cases?

Judges in Orange County usually impose the following specific conditions:

  • Consume no alcohol while the case is pending;
  • Do not drive without a valid license and insurance;
  • Consume no marijuana while the case is pending;
  • Consume no illegal drugs while the case is pending; and
  • Attend two or more self help meetings per week (this could be AA meetings, NA meetings, individual therapy sessions, or sessions such as Rational Recovery or online services like Lifeline).

Other possible DUI bail conditions could be any or all of the following:

  • Not to drive at all, under any circumstance;
  • Not to be in any place where alcohol is the chief item for sale;
  • Mandatory drug or alcohol testing through probation;
  • Wear a “SCRAM” or GPS device;
  • Installation of an ignition interlock device in any vehicle owned or operated by the defendant in the DUI case. 

Those conditions are more rare, and only certain judges impose them.  They are highly fact sensitive to the case.  For example, if there was evidence that an individual was driving on a suspended or revoked license repeatedly, or was continuing to use or consume alcohol or drugs, they may be appropriate.

Why it’s important to abide by DUI bail conditions

The reason why it’s important to abide by the bail conditions set by the court is that bail can be revoked entirely if you fail to comply with any conditions agreed to and set by the court.  That means you go straight to jail, do not pass GO, and you cannot be released on bail for any amount again until the case is over.

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