OC DUI Checkpoints Christmas 2015


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OC DUI Checkpoints Christmas 2015

OC DUI Checkpoints Christmas 2015

A number of OC DUI checkpoints for the Christmas holiday have been announced.

Tustin DUI Checkpoint

The Tustin Police Department announced a DUI checkpoint from 8pm on Friday December 18th through 3 a.m. Saturday the 19th somewhere in the city, according to Orange County Law Enforcement Officials.

OC DUI checkpoints

Garden Grove DUI Checkpoint.

The Garden Grove Police Department operation runs somewhere in that city from on Friday December 18th through 3 a.m. Saturday the 19th—with a repeat performance somewhere else in that city during the same time period Saturday night through Sunday morning, according to Lt. Robert Bogue.

Newport Beach DUI Checkpoint

From the Newport Beach Police Department, the NBPD announced a DUI checkpoint for Wednesday the 23rd.

Orange County DUI Patrols

Orange County police agencies are also holding extra patrols targeting drunken drivers.  More effective, by far, than DUI checkpoints, these “saturation patrols,” assign officers to specific streets known for DUI arrests, crashes and fatalities and look for behavior indicating drunk driving.

The Garden Grove Police Department announced its saturation patrols will begin on Christmas Eve—Dec. 24—and continue nightly through Jan. 2.

These special DUI operations are funded by California Office of Traffic Safety grants, through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which mean generous funding for various police departments.

For more on why OC DUI checkpoints don’t work and don’t keep the public safer, see my article on why DUI checkpoints are a bad idea.  You may be very surprised on the real reasons behind DUI checkpoints.

Be safe, and happy holidays.  Call our Orange County DUI Lawyers anytime, at (877) 942-3090, if you find yourself in trouble.

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