Orange County DUI Checkpoints March 25-27, 2016


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Orange County DUI Checkpoints March 25-27, 2016

DUI checkpoint in Irvine, California, and in Buena Park, California , Friday, March 25th, 2016, until 2am and 3am respectively.

The Irvine DUI checkpoint is located on Culver Drive, at Irvine Boulevard (that location is near the Northpark Gated Community, just north of the 5 freeway). It is being run by the Irvine Police Department, and is designed to screen people for Irvine DUI arrests.

The Buena Park DUI Checkpoint is one of a series of Orange County DUI checkpoints, but is located on La Palma between Stanton and Dale, in front of the Buena Park Mall.

For those interested in Los Angeles DUI news, there is also a LA DUI checkpoint in the City of Whittier, at Washington Blvd. near Whittier Blvd., in front of the Hospital in Whittier, designed to catch Whittier DUI drivers.

More will likely be coming for Easter on Saturday and Sunday, and the Santa Ana police have announced a stop on cruising in their city. The SAPD will be closing some lanes and parts of Bristol, Edinger Boulevard, and Main Street all night on Easter, March 27th, 2016.

For information on why DUI checkpoints are not effective in stopping drunk driving, and are about the money much more than DUI safety, see our detailed article on the subject, “Why DUI Checkpoints Make No Sense“.

The DUI checkpoints in Orange County mentioned here are all funded by grants from the California Office of Traffic Safety, through the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, and with the support of MADD and other agencies.  Impound fees also are split between the police agencies and the various impound and tow lots involved, and officer overtime is the main funding for the DUI checkpoints in Orange County and in surrounding counties, as it is all over California.

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