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Podcasts by and for Lawyers

Podcasts by and for Lawyers

Orange County DUI Attorney Robert Miller was one of the first persons to be interviewed on the Lawpreneur podcast.  A podcast started by Orange County attorney and entrepreneur Miranda McCroskey, our Orange County DUI Law Firm was proud to be featured on the podcast, which is one of a growing number of podcasts by and for lawyers.

You can listen to the entire podcast segment here:


Miranda McCroskey is both a friend, and a fellow lawyer with her own firm, and decided to start her own podcast, in order to show other attorneys how to hang out their shingle and start their own firm.

Other podcasts have interviewed lawyers from our firm, including the Put It Together Podcast, featuring Daniel Garza, and the Laguna Health Podcast, with Kristy Mills.

Legal podcasts have an important role in the world of law, even if most of them focus on other attorneys, and not clients.  There have been many DUI podcasts started, for clients, but most all of them are out of business.  DUI is technical, and most clients aren’t interested in a weekly (more or less) discussion of the boring topics of scientific testing, legal challenges or case law in the subject.

However, legal podcasts that are also good at storytelling, like the excellent “Serial“, which was a podcasting phenomenon, are well listened to.  Sarah Koenig, a former producer of radio show “This American Life,” created Serial, and told a compelling story by exploring the legal system from different perspectives, interviewing key players, including convicted murderer Adnan Syed and the director of The Innocence Project, and taking excerpts from the trial and police interrogations.  The way the podcast handled legal issues even received kudos from law professors and legal commentators.

As of this writing in 2016, Mr. Syed has been granted a motion for a new trial, in part, due to pro bono criminal defense lawyers taking up the cause and filing a motion after publicity brought the case to the public’s attention.

Although lawyers often say they do not have enough extra time for podcasts, a podcast can be listened to at the gym, while on a walk, or while driving, which makes them very convenient.

A list of excellent legal podcasts appears on another legal productivity website, and last year a lawyer noted that legal podcasts, like all podcasts, went through unprecedented growth from 2005 to 2008, and as of last year, seem to be in a renaissance of growth again.  Who knows what the future will bring for additional podcasts by and for lawyers?


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