Santa Ana DUI Information


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Santa Ana DUI Information

Santa Ana DUI Information

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Welcome to our Santa Ana DUI Information Resource Page. If you have a Santa Ana DUI or know somebody that’s been arrested for DUI in Santa Ana, California, you will find information that may be helpful on this page.

Santa Ana DUI Statistics:

Santa Ana has a population of 333,825 people.  The City of Santa Ana has the following DUI statistics from 2014, the last year that data is available:

  • Santa Ana DUI Arrests:  764 per year
  • Santa Ana DUI Arrest Rate: 0.68%
  • Santa Ana DUI Ranking among Cities of its Size: 11 out of 14

Santa Ana’s DUI arrest rate is so high because as a city, Santa Ana has many options for drinking – including everything from many Dive Bars (like the Quill, or The Fling), to the unique bars, lounges, and the hipster trendy clubs, bars, and lounges of the Santa Ana Artists District (with Lola Gaspar, Proof Bar, Chapter One, the Copper Door, and many others), to upscale lounges and bars near the South Coast Plaza area, like Morton’s Steakhouse, Antonello’s, and Darya .

Unlike the City of Irvine, or notably Newport Beach, which discourages or makes dancing unlawful without a permit (seriously), Santa Ana has many popular nightclubs, like VLVT and Proof, and many places with live music, and dancing.

Popular art, theater, business and charity events also make for drinking or alcohol consumption, and the fact that the 5 Freeway, 405 Freeway, the 55 Freeway, and the 57 and 22 Freeways, all run through Santa Ana, and factor in that there is a CHP office within the City of Santa Ana, all of which makes for a high rate of DUI arrests within the City of Santa Ana.



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CENTRAL JUSTICE CENTER (CJC) (This is the location where Santa Ana DUI cases are heard).

Orange County Central Justice Center

Despite how tough Santa Ana is with DUI cases, and how aggressively they treat DUI cases in The City of Santa Ana, our Orange County DUI Lawyer has obtained a complete dismissal of all DUI charges, even in felony cases, DUI cases involving an accident and high blood alcohol level cases.  We are willing to search every defense to get your Santa Ana DUI case dismissed.

Santa Ana Orange County Jail

Our Orange County DUI Attorney has handled cases from DUI Arrests in Santa Ana for over two decades, and we are very knowledgeable about how DUI cases are handled in that city.  If you have been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol in Santa Ana, you need Santa Ana DUI Information.

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