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San Bernardino County DUI Lawyer

San Bernardino County DUI cases are unfortunately common.  San Bernardino County has a population of 213,259 as of 2014, despite being a large county geographically.  Of that population, there were 472 arrests for that year. The California Office of Driver Safety ranks San Bernardino County in the upper half of DUI arrests and accidents in California:

Total Fatal and Injury 1,069 20/56
Alcohol Involved 132 11/56
Had Been Drinking Driver < 21 10 10/56
Had Been Drinking Driver 21 – 34 81 3/56
Motorcycles 49 14/56
Pedestrians 85 10/56
Pedestrians < 15 21 3/56
Pedestrians 65+ 10 15/56
Bicyclists 54 31/56
Bicyclists < 15 10 19/56
Composite 544 9/56

DUI arrests in San Bernardino can be from any agency within the county, including the largest law enforcement agency in the County, the San Bernardino County Sheriff.  Our San Bernardino County DUI Lawyers have an office in Rancho Cucamonga and have handled cases in the Courts in San Bernardino County for over 20 years.

San Bernardino County is known in the legal community as the county in the California Courts system that has the least amount of funding per capita for criminal prosecution.  That puts San Bernardino County in a difficult position.  They have a mandate, and funding, to provide an incentive to be tough on San Bernardino County DUI cases, but they don’t have the resources, by far, to fight every case and take it to trial.

That can work to the defense’s advantage if the defense postures that they are willing to go trial.

We have handled trials in San Bernardino County, and have had felony cases dismissed through a Serna motion (see our case outcome page for details), have had a felony vandalism case reduced to a misdemeanor, and then dismissed completely, and have had DUI cases in the Rancho Cucamonga courthouse reduced to a speeding violation.

San Bernardino County DUI Punishment

In San Bernardino County, a first time DUI typically has the following initial offer:

  • 3 Years of Summary Probation
  • Fines & Penalties totaling approximately $1922
  • First Time Offender three month long drug/alcohol program
  • Restitution if an accident.

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