Seven ways that a DUI conviction can affect you


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Seven ways that a DUI conviction can affect you

Seven ways that a DUI conviction can affect you

Seven ways that a DUI conviction can affect you

If you were unlucky enough to be arrested in Orange County, California, and were taken to the Orange County Central Jail in Santa Ana, you probably made the decision then and there to never go back.

And before you consider pleading guilty to any crime, think long and hard about the consequences of any criminal conviction, even if it is for a first-time DUI. Here are the seven ways that a DUI conviction can affect you, to think about in reference to your DUI case when considering how your DUI may affect you in the future.

1. A DUI can affect your ability to help others

Many charities, including Big Brothers and Big Sisters, Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC), and foster care agencies, will run a criminal background check. Although everyone’s situation is different, they are typically reluctant to choose anyone that has a recent conviction or is on probation.

 1.  A DUI can affect your career. Your current job, or your intended career path, could be affected. California is an “at-will” employment state, which means that any employer can let you go for any reason, or for no reason at all, with the exception of discrimination, which is prohibited. If you are sent to jail, have to do community service, or are up for a job against others with a clean record, you may be let go, or not chosen for your dream job.

2.  A DUI Can make it impossible for you to sign up for the military.

The military will not take someone on probation, period. You will need to have probation terminated early, or wait until probation expires, to be able to join the military.

3. A DUI can affect non-U.S. citizens.

Most misdemeanor DUIs won’t lead to deportation.  However, a felony DUI, a drug-related DUI, or a series of DUI convictions could negatively affect your stay in the U.S. or your application for citizenship, if you are a green card holder or here on an immigration visa.

4. A DUI affects your future licenses.

Not only your future licenses, but a DUI can affect a state and federal license related to your career. Any criminal record can impact your ability to obtain certain professional licenses or can mean you may have a current license suspended. A career in medicine, finance, pharmacy tech, real estate, or mortgage work could be affected.

5. A DUI on your record can cause potential employers to not hire you.

Even if your conviction was for a misdemeanor DUI, it will show up on a criminal conviction.  Even worse, if you lie on your application and the employer later finds out about it, it could lead to an automatic termination. When competing for jobs with persons without a DUI, you could be at a disadvantage.

6. A felony DUI affects your second amendment rights.

If convicted of a felony DUI, you cannot buy or possess a firearm. Under California law, any person convicted of felonies cannot possess firearms. While this doesn’t matter to some DUI defendants, to others this is a big deal.

7. A DUI can affect child custody.

If you are in the middle of a child custody battle, a recent DUI is going to be used against you to make you look like a bad parent. Your ex will use your DUI as leverage in court.

Contact us today. Don’t just plead guilty until you consider all the consequences.  Speak to our Orange County DUI attorneys at Miller & Associates. We can help advise you on your best options with your DUI. Contact us.

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