SR-22 Proof of Insurance for DUI cases


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SR-22 Proof of Insurance for DUI cases

Sr-22 Proof of Insurance for DUI cases

SR-22 Proof of Insurance for DUI cases

This page contains information and a strategy for getting your license back as quickly as possible by taking certain actions in the beginning from a DUI case, as a matter of SR-22 Proof of Insurance for DUI cases.

In California, for a first time DUI offender (note that this article assumes no priors, and would be completely different if you have any DUI priors, or are declared a negligent operator based upon accidents, or if your license is suspended based upon a medical suspension), the DMV computers will need to see that the following three items have been filed before you are issued a license, after a suspension:

1.  Proof of enrollment, and proof of completion, from a State Approved Alcohol Program.  This is usually filed electronically by the school.
2.  Proof of Insurance, in the form of an SR-22.  This is usually filed electronically from your insurance company. 
3.  Payment of a $125 fee.  
You can pay the fee via phone if you can get through, or mail in a check with your driver’s license number, so it can be entered, but most people do the payment in person.
Once all three items are received, AND you are eligible based upon the date, the DMV in California will mail your license to you via US Mail.  Any branch office can give you a printout showing you are allowed to drive to keep with you.

SR-22 Proof of Insurance Strategy for DUI cases

A successful strategy with DUI cases in the insurance field is to review your existing insurance policy for any discounts, including discounts for being a long-term customer, and then leave that existing policy alone.

Our clients can then get any as inexpensive as possible second policy as a rider on the first, for minimum coverage. This makes the second policy cheap, as they only cover the minimum, and only have to pay out once the first insurance policy is exhausted.

Then the client can have the SR-22 or other proof of insurance instructed to be issued from the second policy. That will cause the minimal increase for a cheap policy anyway, and the first policy may not increase at all since they didn’t issue the SR22 or notify the DMV of the conviction.

That may work for the entire policy term, or may work until policy number one checks your driving record (which in turn depends on their internal policies), but that is one way to keep costs for your vehicle from insurance, and the SR-22, as low as possible and not lose any Proposition 103 good driver discounts.

That strategy should meet most client’s stated goals by minimizing the impact of the extra cost for a vehicle. You’ll find that selling your car, and ridding yourself of a registered vehicle for a while, or getting a much cheaper car to insure (see the Intellichoice list for each type and each year of car makes and models) will make a huge impact on your vehicle costs.

Our Orange County DUI Attorney recommends this insurance strategy is designed to get you back on the road, while protecting your current insurance premium, and minimizing insurance increases, which are the biggest increase from a DUI conviction.  The AAA estimates that insurance increases for a first-time offense are an average of $7,500, spread over three years.  This is over three times the court fine.

Whether you have an impending DUI conviction or DMV suspension, our Orange County DUI lawyer usually works with an outside insurance company, or a new insurance company selected by you, and have the insurance program issue a new policy, which will save you money.

The most common mistake a driver makes is requesting the SR-22 Proof of Insurance for DUI cases from their existing insurance carrier, which usually triggers an immediate rate increase.  Insurance is a highly competitive industry, and shopping around is usually a strategy that works to your advantage also.

Please contact DUI attorney Orange County Robert Miller anytime before the court proceedings or the DMV hearing to get recommendations on an inexpensive insurance company if you don’t have one that you have a long-term relationship with.  Comparision shopping definitely works in your favor: You can save at least 20% on your insurance by just comparison shopping among all the options out there.

If you contact our firm after your DMV suspension from a DUI has taken place, we can still help you. We simply instruct insurance companies to file the SR-22 Proof of Insurance for DUI cases away from your existing insurance carrier with a supplemental policy, as mentioned above, reducing the risk of a notification or insurance event, that will affect your premium.

Then, the insurance company electronically files your SR22, and the process is completed over the phone in as little as fifteen minutes.

SR-22 Proof of Insurance for DUI Factors

  • SR22 policy pricing is based on age, zip code, and driving record.
  • The average insurance premium increase after a first-time alcohol related offense is $2,500.00 per year.
  • A client needs an SR22 on file with the DMV for a three year probation period, which means an average increase of $7500 over three years.
  • Insurance companies have the ability to insure drivers that even have a suspended license status.
  • An SR22 filing for out-of-state drivers works the same. An insurance company can file an SR-22 Proof of Insurance for DUI cases and satisfy the requirements of both the California DMV and the State that issued their Driver’s License, by using the California DMV’s foreign ( X-number).

SR-22 Proof of Insurance FAQ (for DUIs)

Q.  Can I sell my car and surrender my license, to not have to pay the DMV or insurance for three years, and save money?

  1. The California DMV cannot revoke your license without a legal grounds to do so, and you can’t just “surrender” a license that has any action taken against it. You can’t have it revoked just because you want to or as a matter of strategy.
  2. You can sell your vehicle, or work with insurance or other agencies to get a low insurance policy for a cheaper to insure vehicle, or no vehicle at all.
  3. The California DMV has a re-issuance fee of $55 (as of this writing) post court conviction on a DUI. If you don’t pay it, your license is revoked for not paying it. But you’ll have to pay it later if you ever want to drive again in California. Or you can move to a non-interstate driver’s compact state and get a new license.

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