How do I find the best Orange County DUI Lawyer for my case?


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How do I find the best Orange County DUI Lawyer for my case?

How do I find the best Orange County DUI Lawyer for my case?

finding the best Lawyer

How do I find the best Orange County DUI Lawyer for my case?Finding a lawyer to help handle a case is not an easy task. Even for other legal professionals, choosing between various attorneys that practice in a specific field of law can be difficult. This page looks at the various ways to screen potential lawyers in general, and tells you, how do I find the best Orange County DUI Lawyer for my case?

Do you need a lawyer for a DUI?

Not everyone gets a lawyer for a DUI.  And there is a certain subsection of cases that may not even need a DUI lawyer.

However, a DUI defense attorney can help in most cases.  The best way to find out how an attorney can help your case, or to even ask if you actually need an attorney to handle your case, is to consult with one and find out what an attorney can do, and how they can help your DUI case.

If an attorney cannot help you, they should be honest and let you know that.  If a DUI lawyer can help your case, then they should be able to discuss how, exactly, they can help you and explain your options.

An experienced DUI attorney may be able to argue your performance on the field sobriety tests, whether or not the reason you were stopped was legal, or valid probable cause, and go over why you were stopped, and the potential defenses to DUI breath testing, and defenses to DUI blood testing, that would apply in your case.

A lawyer can also use their experience in persuasion, legal argument, and negotiation skills and negotiate a plea bargain in your DUI case that meets your goals, and minimizes the impact on your life.  That alone might save you from a DUI on your record, or save you thousands in fees and other costs.  Since the cost of a DUI is expensive, any reductions of the charges or options to avoid fees and fines can end up saving you a lot of money.

Any experienced lawyer who is rated as a top Orange County DUI attorney can also appear in court for you, saving you the time and potential embarrassment of sitting around the court for hours while other people you may know might be there.

How do I find the best Orange County DUI Lawyer for my case?

And, of course, they will work with you and advise you every step of the way as you go through the process, regarding what your options, and what your best strategy might be, given the facts of your case. So how do I find the best Orange County DUI Lawyer for my case?

How do you choose a DUI lawyer?

How do I find the best Orange County DUI Lawyer for my case through my own friends or family? As in many fields, the best way to find a good lawyer or attorney is to have someone give you a personal referral to a DUI attorney.  Someone you personally know that either has used the attorney or law firm or knows the attorney on a personal basis will usually result in a higher quality lawyer.  The lawyer has basically been pre qualified by whoever recommended them to you.  We are proud of the fact that most of our clients were personally referred by our former clients or persons that know our firm personally.

How do I find the best Orange County DUI Lawyer for my case if I don’t have a personal referral?  Other methods include using a bar association, or an attorney referral service, although qualified lawyers pay to be listed.  That makes a lawyer referral not nearly as qualified as a personal recommendation.

How do I find the best Orange County DUI Lawyer for my case by going through advertisements? Although lawyer advertising is everywhere, the worst way to obtain a lawyer might be from advertisements. The direct solicitation advertising that is mailed to you or that appears in places like jail advertising boards or is on bail bonds websites is no guarantee of a quality attorney by itself.

What qualifications should a DUI lawyer have?

How do I find the best Orange County DUI Lawyer for my case and review qualifications of the attorney? For the field of DUI defense, a DUI lawyer should have at least the following qualifications:

What should I look out for when searching for a lawyer?

  • A lack of a bar discipline record (in other words, never being disbarred, on bar probation, or subject to bar discipline).  A state bar record is usually an indication, or symptom, of a larger problem, and an inability to put clients first.  A lawyer with a good reputation with the California State Bar is obviously better than one with state bar problems.
  • A law firm that does everything.  Lawyers that handle worker’s compensation, and family law, as well as civil litigation, bankruptcy, and DUIs on the side, will typically not have the ability, knowledge, or time to handle a DUI case properly and give the case the attention it deserves.
  • A DUI attorney that looks down on clients.  You want to be a partner with the DUI lawyer handling your case, and need to be able to discuss options and ask questions.  DUI Lawyers with a top down, “I’m the attorney and you’re not” attitude, will not have good communication with you.

How to interview potential OC DUI lawyers to handle your case.

How do I find the best Orange County DUI Lawyer for my case in a personal interview with the lawyer? Make sure that you interview anyone you are considering as your attorney.  An interview allows you to get to know your DUI Specialist in Orange County.  Ask all of the questions that you have on your mind, or are curious about.  Don’t forget to ask them about their history as a lawyer, and about their focus on DUI defense. Attorneys that do not participate in education and defense of DUI cases specifically do not know many of the defenses that apply to breath or blood testing cases.

When you go to an interview with a potential lawyer, make sure that you bring everything you have, including all the documents you were given when you were arrested or released.  Write out a list of questions you might have, about the lawyer, the process, the punishments, and the procedures to defend a DUI case.  This allows the lawyer to be able to asses as to whether he can help your Orange County DUI case.  Interviewing multiple DUI lawyers is also a good idea.  I recommend you interview as many DUI Defense lawyers as time permits.

How do I find the best Orange County DUI Lawyer for my case?

Find a DUI defense lawyer in Orange County, or who at least practices and appears in the courts in the OC on a regular basis.  A lawyer who does not frequently operate within the courthouse or city where your case is pending can be a problem.  As said above, a DUI lawyer needs to know the area that he is working in.  Knowing the judge, local prosecutors, and the general climate of what works in handling DUI cases successfully can help to prepare your best possible defense.

How do I find the best Orange County DUI Lawyer for my case and keep fees affordable? Make sure to ask any potential Orange County DUI lawyers about their fees.  You don’t want to finally find the best Orange County DUI lawyer for your case, and start working only to find out that you will have to sell everything you own in order to afford their services.  You can usually find the best DUI lawyer for you without breaking the bank, but as they say, good lawyers aren’t cheap, and cheap lawyers aren’t good.

How do I find the best Orange County DUI Lawyer for my case? We can help make your decision easy. Our Orange County DUI Lawyers know the DUI laws and DUI defenses and have experience fighting cases in Orange County.  Knowing how to make an impression on a prosecutor, a judge, or a jury, and what tactics work best in presenting and negotiating a DUI plea bargain, or winning a DUI case, can make a huge difference in your case.

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Top Rated Orange County DUI Lawyer Robert L. Miller receives perfect 10 on Avvo

robert_miller is a well known legal rating service.  Our firm is proud to announce that top rated Orange County DUI Lawyer Robert L. Miller has been ranked a perfect 10 out of 10 by their independent ranking service. With many five star reviews from clients, Avvo recognizes the law firm of Robert L. Miller & Associates’ commitment to professional quality services and excellent client service.

avvo dui lawyer top best

Avvo uses official records from the State Bar of California, and ratings from colleagues, speaking engagements, authored articles and books, and ratings from actual clients, in developing their ranking system.

Rating a perfect 10, as one among the top or best DUI Lawyers in Orange County, is an honor, and our firm is proud that Robert Miller, who has no record of discipline, has spoken on DUI issues at bar association events and at law schools, has co-authored two books for West Publishing Company (through Aspatore Press), has hundreds of accolades from opposing counsel, co-counsel, and other colleagues, and received positive reviews from many happy clients.

If you are looking for a highly rated Orange County DUI Lawyer, contact our firm through the contact the firm page, or call or email our law firm anytime.