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What if the police used Entrapment in my DUI?

By: robert
Sep 20, 2017
What if the police used Entrapment in my DUI? Often, people feel that their DUI involved entrapment by the police.  In criminal law, entrapment exists where the actions of a law enforcement...

Defenses to a Breath Test DUI Case

By: robert
Feb 28, 2016
A breath test using a machine is not the end in a DUI case.  There are certainly Defenses to a Breath Test DUI case. For one, the breathalyzer machine is...

Diet soda and alcohol results in a higher blood alcohol level

By: robert
Dec 8, 2015
When you have a jack and diet coke, you save calories, but did you know that you could end up with a higher alcohol level with diet soda and alcohol,...

DUI dismissal is the result of being too drunk in Georgia case

By: robert
Nov 13, 2015
DUI Dismissal can result when a driver is too drunk to understand what he is being informed of. A Georgia Supreme Court ruling earlier this year has created a legal...
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