California’s New App Aims to Lower Orange County DUI cases


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California’s New App Aims to Lower Orange County DUI cases

California’s New App Aims to Lower Orange County DUI cases

California’s New App Aims to Lower Orange County DUI cases: The California Office of Traffic Safety introduced an app a few months ago, meant to encourage designated drivers, and to discourage drunk driving. That would have the effect of lowering DUI arrests in Orange County.

The phone app, called DD VIP, is made for both iPhones (and iPads), and Android devices, shows exclusive offers and discounts for designated drivers at bars and restaurants throughout California. It also offers a way to call for a ride home in case the designated driver decides to have something to drink.

Android users can get the app here:

iOS users can get the app here:

On the Apple iTunes store, one comment states: “First DD app that isn’t just a cab finder. Does what it says and what I want. Finally, being the DD is cool, plus free stuff!’

As an Orange County DUI Attorney, I am always on the look for changes to technology, the law, and defenses, whether legal or factual.

I’m also interested in both keeping the police and courts honest, and keeping our roads safe. I checked out this app and see that for Newport Beach DUI and surrounding designated drivers, there were listings for Bayside Restaurant, The Class of 47 Bar, and The Alley Restaurant and Bar. Bayside had a “Fojito”, a non alcoholic drink made with strawberries, mint leaves, and fresh lime juice, and the others allowed designated drivers to choose any drink without alcohol. All presented the option to have one drink, free, at their establishment.

It also has a link to call Uber, Lyft, or Curb (which used to be called Magic Taxi), if someone needs a ride.

This app is well done and surprisingly forward thinking for the CHP and CA Office of Traffic Safety, and may help encourage designated drivers and lower DUI Arrests.