Police prefer candidates who won’t arrest other officers for DUI in Massachusetts


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Police prefer candidates who won’t arrest other officers for DUI in Massachusetts


A DUI can happen to anyone, even police officers. No one should be above the law. Police prefer candidates who won’t arrest other officers for DUI in Massachusetts, the findings of a commission in a city in Massachusetts revealed. As the Boston Globe Reported, preference in hiring was given to those that pledged if hired not to arrest a fellow officer if they were found to be Driving Under the Influence (DUI).

police department in massachusetts gave higher points to candidates who pledged not to arrest fellow officers for DUI

When candidates said they wouldn’t arrest family or fellow officers, the hiring panel noted the person “knows discretion.” Indeed, the commission said that “Some of the interview panelists actually heaped high praise on those candidates who stated that they would arrest a stranger but not arrest a friend or family member based on the same facts, citing their understanding of ‘discretion.’”

What is troubling here is that the police officers not only selected candidates based on their professed bias but actively sought officers who would ignore crimes.

Mayor Zanni of Methuen Massachusetts, where this took place, said that he believes police should arrest anyone caught drunken driving, regardless of their connections. “Everyone should be treated equally — no question,” Zanni said. He said candidates have challenged the hiring process and the city is still awaiting those rulings.

Police typically pledge to arrest even friends or family if there is enough evidence that a crime has occurred.  Under the current “zero tolerance” climate for DUI cases, police have a duty to arrest for DUI anyone that has probable cause to show that they committed the crime.

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