Negotiating offers with Orange County DAs


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Negotiating offers with Orange County DAs

Negotiating offers with Orange County DAs

Central-Justice-Center OC Superior Court

Although you may have heard that the prosecutors in Orange County are tough on DUI cases, the prosecutors in Orange County as individuals are reasonable people.  Negotiating offers with Orange County DAs is not necessarily the pressure cooker experience you may believe. The district attorney’s representatives will look at your evidence, and listen to your side of the story.  They are especially interested in evidence that might suggest that they may not win the case at trial, which means evidence regarding a legal or factual defense in the case.

While the DAs in Orange County are reasonable, most are generally “by the book”, straight laced types, and are deferential to authority.  The office they work in is somewhat political, and no one wants to do something that might cost their job, put any future promotions at risk, or not be part of the overall mission of the Orange County District Attorney’s Office.

The DA’s in Orange County might believe that an office made a mistake, but more often, they will tend to believe whatever is in the police report.  As an Orange County DUI Lawyer, I have to use any and all corroborating and use every means of persuasion to convince them that the police made a mistake.

Remember the famous quote from Sun Tzu:

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”

Hopefully we can get what we want without a jury trial.  But the more prepared we are for jury trial, the more likely the other side will agree to meet us more than halfway and make an offer that is likely to be what you want.

It is part of my job as an effective DUI Defense Lawyer in Orange County, to get the best plea bargain possible.  Negotiating offers with Orange County DAs is part of that. Then you and I will discuss whether to take the deal, or take it to a jury trial, by setting a trial date for DUI.

But ultimately, the final decision on whether or not to take a case to jury trial, or to accept a plea bargain, is you, the client.  If you have any questions about a plea bargain on a DUI case in Orange County, we can help you.

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