Why fight a DUI case?


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Why fight a DUI case?

Why should you decide to fight a DUI case?

Why fight a DUI case?  In the event that you go to court and concede to a DUI, there is a 100% chance that a judge will make sure you are liable of a DUI. There is additionally a 100% chance that you will have a DUI conviction on your criminal record, and on your driving record.

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Notwithstanding, fighting a DUI case means that an attorney will do everything conceivable to decidedly influence the result. Battling your case implies that the prosecutor will most likely be unable to get every one of the witnesses or confirmation he needs to convict you. Battling your case implies you have a shot.

Why fight a DUI case?

There are reasons to battle your case that focus on different areas, like the probable cause for your stop, or the breath, or blood, testing in your case.  That can be different in every case, but can get you big results. Maybe the officer didn’t have a legitimate lawful reason behind pulling you over you in your case, and the evidence collected can be suppressed. Maybe the breath machine is out of alignment, and your .09 is truly a .07. Maybe the blood test is thickened or aged, and creates a dishonestly high reading. These things may not even be known if you do not fight your case.

What’s more, even in those situations where the BAC is precise, and shows a reading of .08 or higher after you were tested, what does that mean about the timing of when you were driving. It is not unlawful to be .08 at the later Breath Test time; the law makes it clear that what alcohol level you were at the time of driving is the only relevant timing. It is very conceivable (even plausible) that somebody with a BAC over the limit at the time of testing was underneath that limit while driving. This is because of the inescapable time delays from the biology of intoxication – the absorption, circulation, peak timing, and elimination of alcohol within the human body. These things will never be investigated, unless you fight your case.

Why fight a DUI case? There are other reasons as well. As any boxer will let you know, it is preferable to go down swinging than to hide from battle. Running from problems, whether in the court or somewhere else in life, can bring emotional injuries that are much more harmful than anything the judge can do to you. Once in a while it is vital to stand up to those that intend you harm, to make sure you know you have given it your best shot to help your circumstance. To not do as such is to give yourself doubt and emotional worry about “what could have been done”, as you deal with a DUI for a lifetime.

If you want to discuss a DUI and why fighting it might be the best option, contact our firm anytime.  We are here to help you with your Orange County DUI case.

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