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Have you been arrested for DUI or have a pending criminal matter that needs attention from a competent and caring professional? We understand that a lot of worries and emotions are going through your head right now, but we can help. Put aside any shame or fear about the future, and contact Robert Miller & Associates now. There are things you need to do immediately to protect your rights, and we can give you the information you need to protect yourself.

Were a top-rated law firm completely dedicated to helping people like you overcome legal challenges and reach the best possible outcome. We know that good people make potentially costly mistakes, but we can help you overcome your situation. Were committed to treating you with the respect, dignity and compassion that everyone deserves.

And dont worry about our qualifications. Our carefully trained, experienced professional attorneys have years of experience helping clients and are pleased to be Los Angles DUI lawyers, Orange County DUI lawyers and Long Beach DUI lawyers with solid track records. Were recognized and rated as some of the best legal professionals in California for handling Los Angeles DUI and Orange County DUI cases, and we can put our skills to work for you.

But please dont wait. Take action to protect your rights immediately. There are important steps you need to take now, so please read What Do I Need To Do Now? It includes details about your license and driving privileges and can help you get a fair shake.

Were proud of our 90 percent success rate in defending criminal and DUI cases, and wed like to prove to you what we can do. We have special DUI trial skills training, breath testing and blood testing certification and field sobriety training -- all aimed at helping us help you.

Examine our DUI Case Study for specifics about how cases often progress -- or look at our Testimonials page for comments from clients weve helped. View our Results page for actual DUI and criminal law case results.

Better yet, email us using our convenient form or call today. We have the skills and knowledge you need -- and the sooner you contact us, the greater your chances of a better outcome than you ever imagined.

Southern California Dui Defense Specialist Arrests Lawyers will help if you have been arrested or have a pending criminal case. Call us at (949) 682-5316

Testimonials from actual DUI clients

"Robert is a genuine caring soul who also happens to provide the best legal representation that one could ever hope to find. He kept me informed (and calm) through every step of the process and helped me to achieve a verdict that completely exceeded my expectations of what I thought possible. I would, without hesitation or reservation, recommend him to anyone in need of his expertise."-- Eric G.

"Mr. Miller definitely seemed to know what he was doing, and did a good job on my case. I was expecting the worst, but he went right in and got most of the charges dismissed. I have to say that aside from him, his staff is also excellent at communication and patiently explaining things that were new to me (which was pretty much everything in this case). This was a good experience with a great outcome. Would definitely recommend him again." -- John S.

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