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Best DUI Lawyer Orange County

 best DUI lawyer Orange County CA
If you are facing a DUI anywhere in the OC, you should be searching for the best DUI lawyer Orange County CA.  We can help you decide what criteria makes one the “best” as compared to other DUI lawyers, as well as what you should be considered as part of your DUI defense.

DUI – What Penalties are There?

A DUI can cause you the loss of your driver’s license, a criminal conviction and points on your driving record.  From there, what specific punishment there is depends on the facts of your case, including whether or not there are priors, whether or not children were involved, whether there was an accident (and if there was, whether or not you left the scene, or whether there was an injury), as well as the alcohol level in your case.

Certain facts, such as refusing an alcohol test, or being under 21,  or having a prior DUI, can cause you to lose your driver’s license for one year or longer.

This is one of the reasons why you would want the best DUI lawyer you can afford -better lawyers win more DUI cases, and can avoid the punishment against you if at all possible.

How do I choose the best DUI lawyer for my DUI case?

Many factors go into whether or not a particular DUI lawyer is the “best”.  When searching for the best DUI lawyer Orange County CA, among other factors, you should, at the minimum, look at the following:

California DUI Lawyers Association CDLA Certified DUI Attorney .  National College of DUI Defense Certified DUI Attorney United States Supreme Court Certified Attorney AV Rated DUI Attorney State Bar Certified DUI Attorney Certified Orange County DUI Attorney

Our firm has each of those, and is an excellent choice.  For that reason, many of our clients have stated in their reviews that we are the best DUI lawyer Orange County, CA.

What our past DUI clients have stated about us

  best orange county dui attorney yelp 
Best Criminal Defense Attorneys Yelp Reviews Abbey“Robert was very efficient and helpful throughout my entire process. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of great representation. Hard working, always kept me informed and was able to minimize my situation more than I ever expected! Thank you for all your help, you’re the best!”Abbey, from Yelp

Best Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney YelpBest DUI Attorney in OC! I give my highest possible recommendation to Attorney Robert Miller. Mr. Miller is a wonderful attorney. I cannot say enough great things about Mr. Miller, as he is extremely professional, informative, and prompt at answering any questions or concerns you may have. I truly value Mr. Miller’s diligence and work ethic. I could not thank Mr. Miller enough for giving me the best possible outcome. If anyone is unfortunate enough to get charged with a DUI, I definitely give my recommendation to have Robert Miller come to your rescue and defense!”A, from Avvo

Yelp Best Orange County DUI Attorney Review“Robert Miller was used by a friend of mine for a complicated DUI case and did a fantastic job, going above and beyond to ensure the best possible outcome. I retained Robert’s services and he also included a memorandum that explained the situation to me for better understanding. Robert is professional, incredibly intelligent and not only a great attorney, but a great person to work with.”Rebecca, from Yelp

Find out who is the Best DUI Lawyer Orange County CA

With great reviews, a record of successful results in DUI cases, testimonials from clients claiming him the best DUI lawyer Orange County CA, and experience in over two decades handling DUIs, Robert Miller is a good choice for your DUI case.  We will let you know if we can help, or not, or if you need an attorney, up front.

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Don’t delay contacting our best DUI lawyer Orange County CA for your case.  The DMV needs action within 10 days of your arrest, and we can start a plan of action today that will help your case.  Contact us today.
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