Liquor Licensing Law – Alcoholic Beverage (ABC) Licenses


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Liquor Licensing Law – Alcoholic Beverage (ABC) Licenses

Vincent Turner, 36, left, of Australia laughs as the blood alcohol content (BAC) is revealed for his friend Brandon Lee, 44, of Peachtree Corners, Georgia during the Huntington Beach Police Department's "Know Your Limit" program visited Sharkeez in downtown Huntington Beach. Both men were well under the legal limit.  ///ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: hb.1009.dui Ð 9/26/14 Ð LEONARD ORTIZ, ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER - _LOR7166.NEF - Reporter and photographer will visit HB Main Street bars with HBPD officers for the "Know Your Limit" Program. This program offers voluntary breathalyzer tests to bar patrons to help educate people about how intoxicated they are.

If you need an ABC Lawyer,  Liquor License Lawyer, or a Liquor Licensing Attorney, for any reason, you are in the right place.  The California Alcoholic Beverage Commission (ABC) is the agency that issues, and can take action against, or take away, Liquor Licenses in California.

That agency has complete control over liquor licenses, which, as you likely know if you are here on this page, can be lucrative and crucial to a business that sells alcohol.

Senior Attorney Robert Miller of our firm used to work in the food and beverage industry, and knows many within the industry, and is very familiar with the laws involved.  Miller & Associate’s extensive knowledge and expertise comes from our involvement with owners starting a new food concept to advising owners and chefs of established restaurants and bars.

  • Obtaining a New Alcohol Beverage License

The law that the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) follows are contained in The ABC Act, as well as other related regulations. Although the applications, rules, regulations and forms are posted on its web site (, understanding them can be challenging, and filling them out properly can be a trap for those that don’t answer correctly.

Getting your license in the first place can be a huge hurdle for some.  But protecting your liquor license after a problem, or after your establishment has been violated, is often very difficult without the assistance of an attorney who understands the specific details of this area of law and is very familiar with the codes and regulations.

We are very familiar with the paperwork, complex layers of regulations and satisfying the requirements of several government agencies, no matter what level you are. A winery, distiller or brewer, or anyone exporting alcohol has to comply with regulations at the federal, state and local levels. An off-sale or on-sale retailer must meet the requirements of the ABC, local government, police and neighborhood groups.

Our law firm can help you obtain your liquor license and keep your license in full compliance.

Drinking and Flying Don't Mix

  • Alcohol Beverage Compliance


An ABC license to sell alcohol is more than just a sheet of paper; it represents your business and livelihood, and can mean ensuring jobs for many of your employees.

If you have a liquor license and are accused of a crime unrelated to your licensed business, your license may also be jeopardized, and you need an attorney with expertise in Alcohol License law to minimize the impact on your licensed business.  We assist clients throughout the state of California with all California liquor licensing issues. If English is not your first language, we can make sure that language is not a barrier to protecting your rights.

As a matter of the California Constitution, the law authorizes the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, in its discretion, after notice to the licensee and a hearing, to suspend or revoke any license to sell alcoholic beverages if it shall determine for good cause that the “continuance of such license would be contrary to the public welfare or morals.” — Art. 20, sec. 22 of the CA Constitution.

If you already have a liquor license and you are accused of a violation, we can help you and defend you.  We can and will respond for you to make the issue go away if at all possible, or defend you at an ABC hearing so you can keep your license and your career.

  • Liquor Licensing, Transfers and Acquisitions

If you need to transfer your license, or purchase a license, we can take care of all notices and requirements, to make sure that happens without a problem or without a delay.

Whether you are seeking to buy, transfer, or sell a license for sale of alcohol at your liquor store (License 20/21), your restaurant (License 41/47), bar, tavern, nightclub, winery or brew-pub, we can help guide you through this potentially lengthy process in a timely and thorough manner.

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If you have any questions for someone experienced in obtaining and protecting an alcohol license, call our firm at (877) 942-3090, or contact us online anytime.  We are experienced in representing those who need to obtain, or keep, a liquor license.

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