DUI Lawyers Chino


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DUI Lawyers Chino

DUI Lawyers Chino

Chino DUI Lawyers
If you were arrested for a DUI anywhere in or near Chino, then you will need the best DUI Lawyers Chino for your case, to fight for you, in court, and at the DMV.
DUI Lawyers Chino can help you and will handle your DUI professionally for you.  Having an experienced DUI defense attorney will help you and your case.
Chino is in San Bernardino County, and is part of the San Bernardino Superior Court system.  The court used to run a courthouse in Chino, which closed in 2012.
What courthouse your DUI in Chino will be assigned to depends on who stopped and arrested or cited you.

CHP DUI Arrests in Chino or Rancho Cucamonga

All traffic and criminal matters issued by the California Highway Patrol in the jurisdictions for Rancho Cucamonga and Chino Districts are split by the court and are be filed and heard at the following location:

Fontana Courthouse
17780 Arrow Boulevard
Fontana, CA 92335

All traffic and criminal matters issued by all law enforcement agencies other than the California Highway Patrol (that includes the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department or any city police departments) will be filed and heard at the following location:

Rancho Cucamonga District
17780 Haven Avenue
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

The problem – what you are up against and what you are facing.

As you know, the prosecutors, the courts, the law, and the push from organizations like MADD all want to show how tough they are against people with a DUI.  The punishment includes potential jail time, loss of your license, loss of a job, and thousands of dollars in fines if not handled correctly.  Don’t let the system excessively punish you without looking at all sides. Although you probably are still dealing with the impact from your arrest, this is more serious than you realize.

The solution – how to avoid the full impact of a DUI conviction

There is a way out of this.  The best way to handle a DUI is to be prepared, and to methodically and responsibly handle everything with an expert that only handles DUI cases, knows defenses to DUI cases, including with breath testing and blood testing involved in a drunk driving case, and will work with you and professionally guide you to the best possible result.  That law firm is Miller and Associates.

What our past DUI clients have stated about us

Many clients helped by our firm in the past can attest to our great results.  We have many top ratings and reviews on Yelp, Avvo, Google, and other resources.

As one client stated about their experience:

“During two meetings with Robert and several telephone conversations we were able to craft a defense strategy.  In several court appearances Robert was able to convince the district attorney of our defense.  Ultimately the case was dismissed.  Robert gets a five star rating from me.   He is professional and easy to reach either  by phone or email or even text message.  His fees are fair and very competitive.”  (Maurice N., from a Yelp review).

What other attorneys know about our DUI expertise

Even other attorneys in the field know that our law firm has the expertise and knowledge to handle your DUI matter.  We have top ratings from colleagues within our area of expertise.  As one stated: “I highly endorse Mr. Miller. Very experienced and caring attorney who produces great results in representing clients! I want all people with legal problems to contact him first.” (Mark Clay, Esq., from one of over 60 attorney endorsements through Avvo.)

Our results in DUI cases

In the past we have had amazing results for clients fearful and facing a drunk driving matter before the courts and the DMV, including hundreds of DUI matters reduced or dismissed, avoiding a lifetime of problems for our clients.  See our results page for many details on cases just like yours. 

Meet Our Skilled DUI Attorney

DUI Defense Lawyer, Robert Miller, is certified in Field Sobriety Testing and DUI Trial Defenses.  He is a member of the National College of DUI Defense, the DUI Lawyers Association, and the California DUI Lawyers Association, among many other certifications and professional organizations. He is known for being a top Orange County DUI Attorney.
He is also the author of two books on DUI, both published by Aspatore Press, geared towards instructing other attorneys on matters of DUI defense.
The Washington Post, the BBC, NPR, ABC 7 News, have consulted with and had Robert Miller appear to provide legal commentary on cases in the news.

Why Hire Us for Your DUI Case?

With impeccable credentials, hundreds of great results in DUI cases, and over 22 years of courtroom and trial experience, Robert Miller is the right choice for any case where you need DUI Lawyers Chino.

Contact us now – Let’s Get Started.

Don’t delay contacting us.  We can start you on a plan of action today that will help your court date later. The DMV needs action within 10 days of your arrest.  Contact us today.

Our Mission: "To deliver outstanding client service, to provide fulfilling careers and professional satisfaction for our people, and to achieve financial success so that we can reward ourselves, grow, and give back to the community."