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Westminster DUI Lawyer

Westminster DUI Information
DUI Lawyers Westminster: Have you been arrested for DUI? If your case is in Westminster or anywhere in Orange County, then you need to call our offices and speak to a skilled lawyer immediately. Depending on the type of DUI you have been charged with, having legal representation will often help lower your charges, penalties and fines. Our DUI Lawyers in Westminster, including attorney Robert Miller, will examine all the facts of your case, your stop, your arrest, and your testing, as well as your personal and legal history to help build the strongest defense in your case to fight to lower or reduce your DUI in Westminster.

Robert Miller, our DUI Lawyer in Westminster has handled thousands of cases involving DUI.  Handling Orange County DUI cases is all we do, and we have been professionally representing clients for over 26 years. We have experience with DUIs involving Alcohol, DUIs with a prior, DUIs involving a commercial license, those involving injury (including felony DUIs), DUI for Drugs or DUID, including those for prescription drugs, for Xanax, for Vicodin, for Methamphetamine, for Marijuana and for Heroin.

Each of these kinds of cases are fought differently and have different best tactics to use depending on the situation. We employ unique strategies tailored to each individual client’s needs depending on the type of case, and the client’s goals.

For example, in a DUI for Prescription Drugs case, we will determine if you were within a therapeutic range of the prescribed medication, or whether or not the prosecutors can even prove you were impaired. We will request that your blood sample be released from the toxicology lab and be tested by the independent laboratory we use to determine whether or not the range of whatever substance may be found in your blood was within a legally allowable level. Then we will examine the Field Sobriety tests or FSTs, and determine whether or not the tests were given properly, including what instructions were given, what road surface you were on, what shoes you were wearing, and examining knee, ankle, or balance issues that may make your tests invalid.

DUI Lawyer Westminster

Orange County Superior Court West Justice Center Westminster Courthouse

1. Your own Personal Attorney
Your case will never be passed off to another attorney.  Your case will be handled by one attorney, that knows your case from start to finish, from beginning to end.  Although our office operates as a team, only one attorney will answer your questions, give you legal advice, and appear in court with you, or for you.

We also regularly work with police procedure expert witnesses, and forensic toxicologist experts for the best results with your DUI case in Westminster.

2. Free Consultation
We will begin with a free consultation where you will be able to speak directly with our DUI lawyers Westminster (including the attorney in our firm that handles cases in the West Justice Center) . We will be able to discuss the charges against you, all possible defenses, the punishments and the procedures in your case. We do not charge for the initial consultation.

3. Getting to Work Immediately
If you decide that our firm is the right fit for your needs we start work immediately. Our lawyers will begin our investigation, contact the DMV and the court or prosecutors office for you and you will always know the status of your case with our firm.

4. Making Ourselves Available
Once hired as your Westminster DUI attorney, our firm makes sure that questions regarding your case will always be answered promptly and fully.

5. Experienced DUI Lawyers Westminster
The attorney handling your case will have more than 26 years experience handling DUI cases specifically in the courthouse in Westminster (the West Justice Center) and attending DUI defense training specifically. Let our experience help you in your legal matter.

Arguing Motions to the Court

While some law firms want to plead you guilty, and charge extra for motions, our law firm will prepare, file, and argue motions to exclude evidence, motions to dismiss for lack of probable cause and motions to suppress evidence as needed for your particular case.

DUI Lawyer Westminster

DUI Dismissed

Every DUI case has weaknesses. Judges know that. Prosecutors know that. We know that. Some of the various points that we can expose to help negotiate or win your case include the following:

1. Illegal police stop: Were you actually driving safely? Did you truly violate any laws or were the local Sheriff’s or Police using the stop as a pretext inviolation of your rights.

2. Lack of probable cause: Did the police have a actual probable cause to stop you or to detain or investigate you? Was there really evidence of criminal activity?

3. Violation of mandatory 15 minute observation period prior to breath test administration: In California, the arresting officer must watch you for a minimum of 15 uninterrupted minutes prior to giving you the breathalyzer test, and must only use a properly calibrated, and maintained breach machine that they have been trained on.

4. Rising blood alcohol level: It is scientific fact that alcohol llevel can rise during the time you were driving and the time you were tested. Our Attorneys can potentially show that you were under the legal limit while actually driving the vehicle.

5. Diabetic and other medical conditions causing false alcohol readings: The fact remains that different people metabolize alcohol differently, People with certain health conditions may always register a higher Blood Alcohol Content. We can help show that your BAC was not directly related to the amount of alcohol you drank or how impaired you were, rather it was related to the specific conditions of your body.

6. Improper administration of field sobriety tests: Were your tests conducted on video? Did the officers properly administer the tests? Most people are not aware that the Instruction Guide for officers training them for standardized field sobriety tests actually states that any test improperly given is to be considered invalid.

DUI Lawyers Westminster

Our attorneys stand by these principles. We will make sure to attend every hearing, and look at and examine every possible defense you have. Ourpricing is explained upfront and reasonable based on the market prices. We give you “no bs” facts about what you are facing, and do not overcharge our clients or nickel and dime clients in cases. Furthermore we make ourselves available all of the time should our clients have any questions or concerns.

Our Results in DUI Cases

Our preparation and dedication to fighting for the goals of our clients have obtained our clients great results, both in court and at the DMV, including DUI matters reduced or dismissed completely. That includes in the 3,000 cases we’ve handled, many special DUI situations, including:

See our results page for details on how we have won cases just like yours. 

Meet Our Skilled DUI Lawyers Westminster

Among other DUI Lawyers Westminster, Robert Miller is known for being a top Orange County DUI Attorney. He has been:
  • The author of three books on DUI, including two for other DUI attorneys in the profession, published by Aspatore Press.
  • Two time graduate of the DUI Trial Skills College at Harvard Law School, in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
  • Rated a 10.0 and ranked in the “Superb DUI Attorney” category on Avvo
  • Awarded the Orange County top DUI lawyer “Clients Love Us” award on Yelp;
  • Certified in Field Sobriety Testing;
  • Graduate of additional scientific coursework on scientific testing on breath testing, and blood testing;
  • Member of the National College of DUI Defense;
  • Member, DUI Defense Lawyers Association;
  • Member of the California DUI Lawyers Association, among many other certifications and professional organizations. 

 Legal Expert Press Appearances

Legal Expert Lawyer Media Appearances
The Washington Post, the BBC, NPR, ABC 7 News, have consulted with and have had Robert Miller appear on television and radio to provide legal commentary on cases in the news.

Attorney Fees and Pricing for DUI Lawyers Westminster

You will find that the price of hiring a professional DUI defense attorney to help you fight your case in court and/or at the DMV’s Administrative Per Se hearing, varies greatly between DUI Lawyers Westminster in the area.  Some lawyers will charge as little as $500.00 to represent defendants one time, to plead them guilty in one court date.  On the other hand, it is also possible to hire an attorney who values their professional services extremely highly, and you can pay $10,000.00 or more for representation as a flat fee, the flat fee being the normal fee structure in this area of law.

It is not wise to hire attorneys on the low end of the price range. If you’re interested in pleading guilty at the first court date, you don’t need a lawyer to help with that. Most low fee lawyers are either very inexperienced, or have a high volume law practice, and are not motivated (or have the time) to work hard to get the best possible result for his or her clients.   On the other hand, at the high end of the price range, an expensive attorney might be including fees for a jury trial, or experts, that may not be needed in your particular case.

Because of our ability to use technology to keep overhead costs low, our DUI Lawyers Westminster are able to pass the savings to our clients and to offer quality representation at an affordable price.  Our pricing is below the average price of other law firms in this field of law, considering our years of experience and track record.  We pride ourselves on doing the very best we can to help our clients minimize, or avoid the punishment for a conviction for DUI in every way possible.  Not only do we spend substantial time in constant education and special training to become true experts in Orange County DUI defense, but we also do our best to have competitive pricing.

We have discounts for students, for present and past military service, and we accept all forms of payment and offer affordable payment plans with reasonable down payments.

 Why Hire Us for Your DUI Case?

With impeccable credentials, hundreds of great results in DUI cases, testimonials from clients, and over 23 years of courtroom and trial experience, Miller and Associates is the right choice for any case where you need our DUI Lawyers Westminster.  We are known for no-nonsense, honest legal representation.  If you do not need an attorney for your case, or if we cannot help you, we will let you know that up front.

Contact Us Now – Let’s Get Started.

Don’t delay contacting our DUI Lawyers Westminster.  Not only can we consult with you regarding the facts of your arrest, but we can start you on a plan of action today that will help your court date later. The DMV needs action within 10 days of your arrest.  Contact us today.
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