DUI work furlough in California


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DUI work furlough in California

DUI Work Furlough in California

DUI work furlough in California is one of the options for alternative sentencing where there is mandatory jail time in DUI cases. It gives credit for jail.  Under a law passed in 2012, work furlough programs are encouraged in California.

DUI Work Furlough for Orange County DUIs

For Orange County DUI cases, our Orange County DUI Attorney has converted many cases from actual jail time to DUI Work Furlough.

DUI work furlough is done through the Orange County Sheriff’s Department work program.  The Sheriff’s Department is in charge of the jails, and even if a judge denies alternative sentencing, they have the authority and power to put a DUI defendant into a work program.

Work Furlough in Orange County can involve a number of different activities, including beach cleanup, park cleanup, working in and around the jail, and working doing activities for the Sheriff’s Department.

For Orange County DUI cases, check out our separate page with all the details about the Orange County Sheriff’s Department work program.

DUI Work Furlough for Los Angeles County DUIs

Los Angeles County does not have a formal DUI Work Furlough program.  It is well-known that the Los Angeles Jail system is overcrowded, leading to release for even longer sentences after a short period of time.

The LA County Sheriff’s Department has a community work project, which they claim 24,000 people per year are referred into.  That project requires people be sentenced to jail, show up for their jail sentence, be screened for the program, and then released after promising to participate in the program.

The Los Angeles Superior Court Pomona Courthouse also sentences DUI offenders to the local “Parks Program”.  That program requires that offenders pick up trash and help trim in local parks.

DUI Work Furlough for Riverside County DUI

Riverside County Courts impose mandatory jail time for DUI cases.  They refer everyone that has a DUI jail sentence (all offenders) into the Riverside County Work Release Program.  That program has part-time work furlough, and full-time work furlough, for DUI offenders in Riverside County.

The DUI work furlough in California program in Riverside County requires that you visit the Banning jail for assignments, although the work can be done anywhere.

DUI Work Furlough for San Bernardino County DUIs

DUI work furlough in California through San Bernardino County ‘s Work Release program allows sentenced inmates to qualify for the program. Qualifying in-custody inmates can take specified classes while incarcerated at Glen Helen and, upon completion, may qualify for ‘Work Release’. Under the direction of the court, an inmate can be released before his maximum sentence has been completed in order to reestablish ties with their family. In this way, the individual can return to their former employment and serve the community on their non-scheduled work days.

The San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors authorized the Sheriff to administer a work release program. While providing manual labor to improve or maintain public facilities, inmates may re-establish ties with their family, return to work with their previous employers; while serving the community on their non-scheduled work days. Inmates who qualify may complete their court commitment on the electronic confinement program from Glen Helen. The program requires the program participant to wear a GPS ankle transmitter for the length of their commitment. The program is fee-based ($15.00 per day), however, the inability to pay does not disqualify an applicant from participation.

DMV Information and Penalties for a DUI

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