Orange County Sheriff’s Work Program Avoids Jail Time for DUI


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Orange County Sheriff’s Work Program Avoids Jail Time for DUI

Orange County Sheriff's Work Program

The Orange County Sheriff’s Work Program avoids jail time for DUI by allowing defendants that would otherwise serve jail time to be given a chance to work off their sentence instead of serving time.

While there are other options for an Orange County DUI case, including private jail, a labor program, electronic home confinement or house arrest, the OC Sheriff’s Department has a “Community Work Program” that everyone that pre-books or completes the pre-booking process (shows up before their jail surrender date) can qualify for the Community Work Program.

Orange County Sheriff’s Work Program Pre-Booking Information

As stated on the official pre-booking information given to inmates (shown partially above), the instructions and fees (which are a little hard to read above), are as follows:

Inmates are screened for the Community Work Program, although not all will be approved.  This volunteer program permits you to work 8 to 10 hours of labor per day on public work projects in lieu of one day’s jail confinement.  The administrative fee for participation in this program is $90.00.

Inmates who pre-book and are accepted will be entered to report to their work assignment sites. THESE INMATES WILL NOT SPEND ANY TIME IN CUSTODY.  After receiving their work assignments, they will be released.

Orange County Sheriff’s Work Program Fees

If you do not qualify for the work program and costs of confinement have been ordered by the court as authorized in Penal Code section 1209, please be advised of the following charges:  

First Day Booking Fee: ……………….$188.00

Daily Jail Rate (Theo Lacey):  ……….$54.88

Daily Jail Rate (IRC):  ……………………$59.00

Work Program Fee:  ……………………..$90.00

The best advice our Orange County DUI Attorneys can give is to pre-book as early as possible to get into these programs.  The pre-booking process involves searching for warrants, and you would want to apply for house arrest or SEC as early as possible or get into the Community Work Program to avoid jail.

Orange County Sheriff’s Work Program Guidelines

The Sheriff’s Department has the following guidelines for the Community Work Program:

Eligibility for CWP would depend on, but not be limited to the following:

  • Serving sentence in county jail
  • 150 days or less remaining on sentence
  • No active warrants or holds
  • Medically cleared to perform manual labor
  • Permanent Orange County residency
  • Transportation
  • Pay a $90.00 Administrative Fee
  • Inmates cannot be in custody for sex and/or violent related charges

CWP benefits everyone involved. This program is very important to the Sheriff, the County of Orange, the tax-paying Citizens, the inmates and their families.

Orange County Sheriff’s Work Program Contact Information

Questions regarding CWP should be directed to the CWP office.

Office Hours: 0700-1900 Hours Mon-Sun
Telephone Number: (714) 935-6203

The jail allows pre-booking from one week to one day, before the surrender date, and the pre-booking process can be as long as 6-8 hours.

If you have questions for our attorneys related to the Orange County Sheriff’s Community Work Program, contact our lawyers at our firm at (877) 568-2977.


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