How much is a DUI fine in California?


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How much is a DUI fine in California?

Cost of a DUI

How much is a DUI fine in California?

It is no secret that a DUI in California can be expensive.  A common question for people that have just been arrested in Orange County, CA for DUI is “how much will a DUI cost?”

In California, the minimums and maximums for a DUI are set by California law.  The minimum fine set by law for a DUI is $390, and the maximum is $1000.

However, there are other fees, costs, and fines that you have to take into account if you are facing a DUI. If you show up, without an Orange County DUI Lawyer, and plead guilty in Orange County at your OC DUI arraignment, and are sentenced by the judge to just the minimum punishment, you would be facing the following minimum fees:

  • $390 Base Fine;
  • Penalty assessment (a tax) of 280% of the base fine, or
  • $100 Alcohol & Drug Assessment Program fee (pursuant to Vehicle Code 23649);
  • $50.00 Alcohol Abuse Education fee (pursuant to Vehicle Code section 23645);
  • $50.00 DUI Lab/Blood Alcohol Penalty (pursuant to Penal Code 1463.14(b))
  • $150.00 Probation Revocation Restitution Fine (pursuant to Penal Code 1202.44);
  • $40.00 Court Operations Fee per convicted count (pursuant to Penal Code 1465.8);
  • Criminal Conviction Assessment Fee per convicted count of $30.00 per misdemeanor/felony and $35.00 per infraction (pursuant to Government Code 70373(a)(1));
  • DNA fees to the Orange County District Attorney for DNA collection and testing of $150; and
  • Booking Fees to the Police Arresting Agency of between $195 and $362.

Booking Fees for an Orange County DUI

The booking fees are especially noteable in an Orange County DUI case.  You are ordered responsible for booking fees and will be ordered to pay those, although they are technically not part of your sentence, and not paying them would be a civil matter between you and the police department, not a probation violation or something that would cause you problems with the court.

For Orange County DUI cases, the following booking fees are common:

  • In Irvine DUI cases, you would owe the Irvine Police Department booking fees in the amount of $195 dollars;
  • Laguna Beach DUI arrests are $195 also;
    The Orange County Sheriff’s Department is $235;
    Costa Mesa DUI arrests are $280; and
  • Newport Beach DUIs have a booking fee that is a whopping $362.

(Judge London, the arraignment judge in the Orange County Harbor Justice Center Newport Beach Courthouse always jokes that that particular department “must give a balcony with an ocean view, cater your meals from the Ritz Carlton, and have the officer give you daily massages to justify those fees”.

How much are costs other than the  DUI fine in California?

How much does a DUI cost first time

In addition to those fees, there are fees outside of the court system that you are responsible for.  Those include the following:

Insurance increases.  Insurance rates are based upon a number of complex factors, including your car make and model, the number of miles you drive, your gender, age, and zip code.  But a DUI is a two point violation, and so for the three years that your SR-22 proof of insurance is required, your insurance can increase between 10% and 50% per point.

Alcohol school.  The alcohol program or school can be costly, and for first time offenders, a three month, six month, or nine month alcohol school is required.  Those fees are as follows in general:

  • Three month alcohol school: $555
  • Six month alcohol school: $866
  • Nine month alcohol school: $1123

For someone with a Second Time DUI in Orange County, the multiple offender program is $1589.

If you need the help of an Orange County DUI Attorney to reduce fees in your case, feel free to contact our law firm.  Handling DUI cases in Orange County, California, is our specialty.

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