Orange County Court Information Online


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Orange County Superior Court Information Online

Orange County Court Information Online

Orange County Superior Court has much of their Information Online through the court’s website can help you learn about your Orange County DUI or another criminal case before, during, and after your court date. Orange County Court Information Online includes case numbers, what charges were filed, what court dates are coming up, and who the attorneys or judges involved in the case are.  Similar information regarding Orange County civil cases are also available for a fee.  Orange County DUI Attorneys and other licensed law professionals can also access a portal that has images of case documents and other helpful information that is not easily obtained by the public.

Once an Orange County DUI case has been filed (which requires that the police agency that arrested you forwards a police report to the prosecutor (the Orange County District Attorney’s Office or the Anaheim City Prosecutor), and then specific charges are filed with the Orange County Superior Court against you, and your case is assigned a case number, you, or your Orange County DUI attorney can access all Orange County Court Information Online, including your DUI case.

The Orange County Court website is located at That website has information on your case, including your charges, your court date, and your case number. The court’s website highlights your case information such as the status of your case in the court, anything and all court dates, along with everything that has been filed in your Orange County DUI case, from the criminal complaint on, a detailed list of all the hearings that have happened and the parties and attorneys in the case.  It will also highlight the date set for any next hearings, and if you have been sentenced, it will have the terms of your DUI probation or of your DUI sentence.

What Orange County Court Information Online is there?

  • As mentioned, court dates, terms of a case sentence, and documents are listed.  While the document list is there for you to view, you cannot usually print any original documents. To do that, you must visit the court, or you can order any documents from the case online and pay the processing fee by credit card. Note that information in person at the court kiosks are free, but only if you are in the courthouse at a kiosk.  There is still a charge for printing.
  • Mistakes can sometimes happen —  if you think there has been a mistake make sure you call up your Orange County DUI lawyer or visit the court clerk in person and show any evidence that the information they list is wrong.
  • The website, despite being updated regularly, is not always up-to-the-minute accurate. Although DUI and other criminal cases get priority, there is often a delay in between receiving, scanning and getting the information posted online.
  • Criminal cases involving a juvenile (someone charged with a crime under age 18) are confidential and are not online.
  • Paternity cases from family law court are confidential and are not online.

Orange County Court Online Information – How can I see a case?

  • Your case can be searched on the website using the case number of your DUI case.  A name search can also be conducted but requires that you purchase a name search account, or pay per search, and also requires that you enter a code to notify the system that you are not an automated attempt to download information in bulk.
  • The initial screen of the case will highlight the case number, the status of the case, the date of filing and the number of the case.
  • There are a number of different tabs on this screen and one that says “Register of Actions” tab will be the one that gives you a lowdown on what has been filed in your case up until this point. Whatever you may feel you miss here can be gotten by you through the criminal clerk’s office in any Orange County courthouse.
  • Another section known as the participants will tell you the people involved in the case. This will usually be your defense attorney and the names of any district attorneys that have appeared in your case.
  • There is also the hearings section to keep you updated on the dates that your case will be heard and any dates that have already passed.
  • If you are interested in copies of any document filed in your Orange County DUI case, the use of the shopping cart section will allow you to order it to be printed or picked up at a courthouse, or mailed to you. Of course, the document you get will be a copy. The turnaround time is typically 3-5 days.

Jury Service:  Note that if you are summoned for Orange County Jury service, all Orange County Juror Information is online also.

Are you wondering if the Orange County Superior Court website is down?  This link will tell you. 

Our Orange County DUI Lawyers have access to the OC Courts Criminal Attorney Portal and Orange County Court Information Online.  We can look up much more information than the public can.  If you need anything, we can look it up for you – free of charge.  Just contact our firm or call us at (877) 568-2977.

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