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Orange County DUI Attorneys

Orange County DUI Attorneys

Our firm of Orange County DUI Attorneys is Miller and Associates.  We fight Driving Under the Influence charges in Orange County, California, and we have done so for over 23 years, successfully handling thousands of cases for our clients. . Contact our Orange County DUI Attorneys today for a free Consultation about your case.

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Why should you fight a DUI?

A DUI is a more serious charge than you may realize.  Even a first time DUI, with no priors, can cause at minimum the following:

  • A permanent record of the DUI conviction;
  • Loss of a professional license, or denial of a license for your career;
  • Substantially increased insurance premiums;
  • Attendance at mandatory classes;
  • The inability to obtain employment in certain careers;
  • A suspension of all driving privileges for a period of time;
  • The inability to drive or fly into Canada; and
  • Placement on DUI probation for at least three, and up to five years, with strict conditions.

It is true that Orange County courts and prosecutors are harsh on people that have been caught drunk driving.  For cases where you have a prior DUI within ten years, or if there was a DUI with an accident, or a DUI with children in the car, you could be facing much harsher punishment, such as:

DUI is a serious charge. The penalties are long-lasting and detrimental to your life as a whole. This is why you want an Orange County DUI Attorney to help you.  We fight Driving Under the Influence charges in Orange County courts, and at the DMV. Contact an Orange County DUI lawyer  for a free Consultation today to give you the best possible chance at a positive outcome.

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Why hire your Orange County DUI Attorneys?

DUI Defense Attorney Orange County

We are known for effective, successful representation in Orange County DUI cases.  We spend our time being educated on cutting edge scientific aspects of DUI cases and testing, and defenses that help you and come into play now that you need help in court.

Our long list of successes with Orange County DUI matters speaks for itself. 

Our clients also speak highly regarding our skilled representation and our professional handling of DUI cases.  See what our past clients have said in testimonials and reviews.

Reviews and Testimonials from Orange County DUI Clients

best orange county dui attorney yelp  We have a long list of reviews on Google, Avvo, and Yelp.  Avvo awarded us their Client’s Choice Award, and have for several years in a row, and have granted our DUI attorney Orange County Robert Miller their highest ranking, 10.0.  Yelp has likewise given their highest award, the PLUOY award, and our client reviews are a testament to our handling of cases just like yours. See what they have to say:

Shalina P Best Orange County DUI Attorney reviewWe had a very positive experience with Robert Miller. It’s clearly apparent that he is a knowledgeable and experienced attorney. He was very responsive with our inquiries and kept us well informed. We highly recommend Robert for legal consultation and services.” — Shalina, from Yelp

Yelp Best Orange County DUI Attorney ReviewRobert Miller was used by a friend of mine for a complicated DUI case and did a fantastic job, going above and beyond to ensure the best possible outcome.
I retained Robert’s services [and] he asked great questions to make sure he had all of the information necessary and was prompt and thorough on follow-up. In addition, the letter was top notch and he also included a memorandum that explained the situation to me for better understanding.  Robert is professional, incredibly intelligent and not only a great attorney, but a great person to work with.” — Rebecca, from Yelp

Best Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney YelpAMAZING! This is the first word that comes to mind when describing the skill and competence of Robert and his team. Robert kept in touch with me MORE than I even expected and every step of the way assured me that he was doing everything possible for me. In the end, I went from facing multiple criminal charges that were more than a year old that I didn’t know about until recently, to having the ENTIRE case dismissed! Robert Miller & Associates is the ONLY attorney you should seek counsel from in Orange County!” — Craig, from Yelp

There are many other positive reviews and testimonials from clients regarding our services.

Contact Our Orange County DUI Attorneys Today.

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Don’t delay contacting us.  Not only can our Orange County DUI attorneys consult with you regarding the facts of your arrest, but we can request your DMV hearing and start you on a plan of action today that will help your court date later.  Contact us today.
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