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Orange County Criminal Defense Lawyer

Orange County criminal defense attorney

The Criminal Defense firm of Miller & Associates can help you

If you or a loved one are facing criminal charges or were arrested for a crime anywhere in Orange County, Orange County criminal defense attorney Robert Miller can help you today.  Take advantage of our free consultation to find out the penalties for an Orange County criminal case, and how Mr. Miller can help.

Criminal Penalties Can Be Serious

California prosecutors take crimes seriously, and even a first conviction may trigger consequences that you might find serious. A misdemeanor can range up to one year in jail, and punishment for a felony can be much longer, with effects for life.

A Criminal Record Is Avoidable

Penalties imposed by the criminal court system can be serious.  They include probation, heavy fees and fines, and even registering as a narcotics offender, a sex offender, or a gang offender.  They can also make it difficult to find employment, and may cause you to be denied certain state or federal licenses.

Certain strategies, like deferred entry of judgment, or drug court, can avoid you even getting a conviction on your record at all.

If you’ve been charged with crime in California, you must act quickly to protect your rights and prepare your defense.

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Fighting Your Charges

Being charged with a crime doesn’t necessarily mean a conviction. An experienced Orange County criminal defense lawyer may be able to fight the charges against you by:

  • Demonstrating that the officer improperly investigated the case
  • Calling into question the accuracy or reliability of any test results
  • Successfully arguing that the police officer did not have reasonable cause to search you, or to pull you over;
  • Filing a motion to suppress critical evidence;

Give yourself the advantage of a seasoned DUI defense lawyer on your side. When you retain Orange County DUI attorney Robert Miller to represent you in a California DUI case, Mr. Miller will thoroughly investigate all aspects of your case to determine the best way to fight the charges against you.

See What Our Past DUI Clients are Saying

Orange County DUI Lawyer Yelp Reviews SteveThis man was simply incredible. He was able to provide his services and exceeded all expectations. He was very thorough and always kept us informed of what steps he was taking and the outcome of every step. I’d recommend him to anyone. 
Thank you Mr. Miller for everything you did for us.” – Stephen, from Yelp

Best Orange County DUI Attorney Yelp Review ReneeHis fees are totally reasonable and I was not hassled at all my license is released and I am now the law abiding citizen I thought I was before this all began.  Bottom line I would totally recommend Robert, he was professional and efficient on my case.” – Renee from YelpShalina P Best Orange County DUI Attorney review

He was very responsive with our inquires and kept us well informed. What sets Robert apart from other attorneys is his ability to translate and explain legal information into clear and concise statements for easy consumption by individuals who are not in the legal field.  We highly recommend Robert for legal consultation and services.”  — Shalina, from Yelp

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Avoid or Minimize Criminal Penalties For You

DUI Defense Attorney Orange County

Orange County criminal defense attorney Robert Miller has handled thousands of cases, and has achieved positive results for many clients in a wide range of circumstances.

Our first step is always to meet with you, and to see what your goals are for the case, and to thoroughly find out not only about the specifics of your case, but also about you, that may allow us to negotiate the case to get what you want, or to aggressively fight for a dismissal. If that isn’t an option, we’ll fight and negotiate aggressively for you, to obtain for the least severe penalties in your case.

You owe it to yourself to see how we can help you today.

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