DUI Police Officer Shows up Drunk at MADD luncheon


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DUI Police Officer Shows up Drunk at MADD luncheon

MADD Orange County

DUI Police Officer Shows up Drunk at MADD luncheon last year. After being singled out for stopping drinking and driving on roads in his jurisdiction, a police officer showed up intoxicated to a MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) awards luncheon held in his honor.

DUI Officer Michael Szeliga of the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Department was at an all expense paid two-day DUI law enforcement training, followed by a luncheon to honor him making 100 DUI arrests in the county. 

MADD is extremely actively involved in Orange County, California DUIs, and the Orange County Chapter of MADD  has a very active chapter here.  MADD began in California, and the Orange County Superior Court requires people convicted of a DUI in Orange County to attend a MADD presentation as part of their sentence in most cases, and make a donation, or contribution, to MADD, in DUI conviction cases.

The MADD Victim Impact Program (VIP) in Orange County is given twice a month, in locations that have been changing as of late, but as of this writing (2017) are in the City of Orange, California.

DUI Police Officer Shows Up Drunk at Madd Luncheon and was Reprimanded

According to an internal affairs investigation, the officer was found wandering in a hotel hallway stripped to his underwear. He also was described as “staggeringly drunk” by a witness at the Friday night banquet where he was set to receive the MADD accolade, and another witness said that the officer was too drunk to walk.

Two Tampa television stations showed that the deputy packed a bottle of Jameson whiskey in his patrol car before driving across the state to the Hyatt Regency Pier 66 Hotel in Fort Lauderdale with two other deputies.

DUI Police Officer Shows Up Drunk at Madd Luncheon – Szeliga signed in and attended a morning session of the DUI training but left following the first break to drink whiskey and cokes, having decided it was no longer “relevant” to him since he was transferring to the child-protection unit. However, MADD required attendance at all training in exchange for picking up expenses.

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Diet soda and alcohol results in a higher blood alcohol level

When you have a jack and diet coke, you save calories, but did you know that you could end up with a higher alcohol level with diet soda and alcohol, than with non-diet versions of soda?

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It has been known since at least 2002 that alcohol levels raise higher, controlling for all other variables, when a drink contains artificial sweeteners, as compared with drinks with or without sugar.  That has been confirmed in peer reviewed studies in 2012 and 2013.

The most recent research paper on the subject tested the effect using differing doses, and to find any differences tween genders.  (Drug Alcohol Depend. 2015 Dec 1;157:197-9. doi: 10.1016/j.drugalcdep.2015.10.015. Epub 2015 Oct 23.)


Consumption of food with alcohol before or during drinking is an important factor that will decrease peak breath alcohol concentrations (BrAC).  With the  evidence showing that mixing alcohol with diet beverages results in higher BrAC when compared with mixing the same amount of alcohol with sweetened beverages, the purpose of the more recent study was to examine the phenomenon using two different moderate alcohol doses.

The testing method was simple: Twenty study participants, 10 of which were males, and 10 females, attended five sessions where they received 1 of 5 doses (0.91 ml/kg vodka + 3.64 ml/kg of diet soda, 0.91 ml/kg vodka + 3.64 of regular soda, 1.82 ml/kg vodka + 7.28 ml/kg diet soda, 1.82 ml/kg vodka + 7.28 ml/kg regular soda, and a placebo beverage).

BrAC was recorded repeatedly up to 180 min after dose administration, and the results were that participants had significantly higher BrAC when the mixer was diet as compared to regular for both alcohol dose conditions. No gender differences were observed.

When you have a night out drinking, be aware of the fact that mixing alcohol with diet beverages can result in higher alcohol levels when compared to the same amount of alcohol administered with a similar sweetened beverage.  The study noted that most individuals were unaware of these differences, which is a risk that could put people above the legal limit without knowing it.

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