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Top Orange County DUI attorney

Hire a Top Orange County DUI attorney

If you’re facing DUI charges anywhere in Orange County, California, you want to find someone that is rated as a top Orange County DUI attorney.  Orange County is tough on drunk driving cases, and that means you should have someone that knows the courts, DUI defenses, and all options.

Criminal DUI Penalties in California

For first-offense DUI cases, the maximum criminal penalty is:
• Up to six months in jail, or jail alternatives;
• A mandatory alcohol education program; and
• $5,000 in fines, fees and costs

The good news is that very few people face the maximum. A driver convicted of DUI in California can realistically expect at least:
• Three years of court probation
• Mandatory alcohol education classes
• Fines of $390 plus penalty assessment.

In some cases, the prosecution will argue for harsher punishment. Some of the circumstances where a DUI may lead to more serious consequences include:
• If the driver has a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .16% or greater
• When there are minor children in the car
• If the drunk driving incident involves an accident
• When the driver is alleged to have been speeding while under the influence
• If the driver has one or more prior convictions.

Suspension of your Driver’s License

The penalties listed above are criminal, imposed by the court. At the same time the criminal case is moving forward, a separate case is also underway: The proceeding to suspend your driver’s license.

Your opportunity to fight for your driver’s license is limited. You only have 10 days to request a hearing!

With so much at stake, it’s important that you act quickly to protect yourself. You don’t have to sort out the two cases against you and the best way to defend yourself alone. We are here to help.

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You Owe it to Yourself to Work with a Top Orange County DUI attorney

The outcome of your DUI case can be helped with professional representation. Of course, there’s a significant difference between probation and a jail sentence. But, an experienced DUI lawyer can do much more than negotiate or argue for a favorable sentence. In many cases, it may be possible to:
• Exclude evidence critical to proving your DUI
• Have the DUI case dismissed
• Be found Not Guilty of DUI at trial
• Negotiate for a plea to a lesser offense, with less serious penalties

Orange County DUI Lawyer Robert Miller has successfully handled thousands of drunk driving cases, and puts his full knowledge and experience to work for every client.

Attorney Miller’s qualifications include:
• More than two decades of DUI defense experience
A history of success, including dismissals, trial wins, and favorable plea agreements
• Authorship of books on DUI defense
• Education in the science of BAC testing and field sobriety tests

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Past DUI Clients Say…

Yelp Reviews for DUI Lawyer Robert Miller

Shalina P Best Orange County DUI Attorney review

We had an very positive experience with Robert Miller. It’s clearly apparent that he is a knowledgeable and experienced attorney. He was very responsive with our inquires and kept us well informed. What sets Robert apart from other attorneys is his ability to translate and explain legal information into clear and concise statements for easy consumption by individuals who are not in the legal field. In addition to answering our direct questions, he provided us with additional information that we (unknowingly) needed to fully understand the situation and make an informed decision. We highly recommend Robert for legal consultation and services.” – Shalina P., from Yelp

Top rated Best Orange County DUI Attorney Reviews

“During two meetings with Robert and several telephone conversations we were able to craft a defense strategy. In several court appearances Robert was able to convince the district attorney of our defense. Ultimately the case was dismissed. Robert gets a five star rating from me. He is professional and easy to reach by either phone or email or even text message. His fees are fair and very competitive.” – Maurice N., from Yelp

Don’t take chances with your future. Give yourself the same advantage these former DUI clients did.

DUI Defense Strategies

Every DUI case is different. To determine all defenses for you, we will:
• Investigate the accuracy of BAC testing equipment;
• Check police qualifications and testing conditions;
• Assess procedures used in field sobriety testing;
• Review the stop and arrest for legal flaws;
• Scrutinize police videos for violations of your rights; and
• Investigate every aspect of the case and pursue all available options for you.

Orange County DUI prosecutors are aggressive in pushing for conviction and harsh sentences, and our firm is equally aggressive in defending our clients’ rights and fighting for the best outcome possible.

About Top Orange County DUI Attorney Robert Miller

DUI Defense Attorney Orange County

Attorney Robert Miller has a 10.0 Avvo rating. He is designated a “Client’s Choice DUI Attorney.”
Mr. Miller  was named a Top Orange County DUI Lawyer on Yelp, receiving the “Clients Love Us” award.

In addition to his law degree and 20+ years of experience, Mr. Miller is:
• A graduate of the DUI Trial Skills College at Harvard Law School;
• Certified in Field Sobriety Testing; and
• Educated in the science of blood and breath testing.

He is also a member of many professional organizations, including the National College of DUI Defense, the DUI Defense Lawyers Association and the California DUI Lawyers Association.

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Time is not on your side. You only have 10 days after your arrest to request a hearing to save your driver’s license. Investigating and preparing your case will take time. The sooner you connect with the right DUI attorney, the better opportunity your lawyer will have to build the strongest defense possible.

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