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Alternative Sentencing for Orange County DUI Cases

Alternative Sentencing for Orange County DUI Cases

If you were arrested for a DUI in Orange County, you probably already have had an unfortunate experience with the Orange County Jail.  You probably can think of nothing worse than being sent to jail anywhere in Orange County, for any period of time. Luckily, there are other choices. Alternative sentencing for Orange County DUI cases do exist and can help you avoid jail time.

However, DUI cases that have any priors, or even first-time offenses that have any kind of sentencing enhancement (for an accident, high blood alcohol level, speeding, or children in the car), always have the possibility in jail time.

Prosecutors from the Orange County District Attorney’s Office have a standard policy to give second time or higher DUI offenders jail time.  Jail time usually starts at 30 days jail and goes higher in 30-day increments for each of the sentencing enhancements that may exist above, or for each prior.

Prosecutors choose jail time because it is easy for them.  Judges in Orange County offer and accept jail sentences for DUI because it is easy for them also.  Jail sentences do have their place, but we believe that those facing criminal penalties greatly benefit from alternatives to jail, including allowing people to continue to work and not lose their jobs, or fixing the underlying problem through rehabilitation programs.

Jail time does not allow convicted individuals to change their behavior and become an asset to the community. Especially when the facts of a DUI that an individual is convicted of are very minor, jail time may not always be as helpful. Alternative sentences are available for DUI cases.

What are my potential alternatives to jail?

Inexperienced attorneys are unaware of most alternative sentencing options. We help get pre-approval for you to show the court you are a good candidate.  Individuals who have been convicted for the first time are generally good candidates. Alternative sentences are most often given to those with no prior convictions.

Crimes which fall under the “alternative sentence category” tend to include those that are non-violent in nature. Your DUI case, along with other crimes like petty theft and certain drug possession crimes, meets these criteria.

Options for alternative sentencing include:

If you want a DUI attorney who will do everything they can to minimize the impact from a criminal case on your career, family, and future, contact our firm. Our Orange County DUI Attorneys work hard to maintain a reputable standing within the community and would be honored to fight for your future.

We have successfully obtained alternative sentences for numerous clients. We truly enjoy seeing the lives of those we serve turned around for good. If you are facing charges, remember – jail is not the only option.  We are prepared to fight for this truth on your behalf.

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