Arrest Warrants in California


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Arrest Warrants in California

Will I go to jail for DUI

Arrest Warrants in California: If you have a warrant for your arrest, you should, and will want to, clear it as soon as possible. You can be arrested at any time with an outstanding warrant, and each day that passes increases your chances this might happen. A warrant is most commonly due to a failure to appear in court or is issued when the district attorney originally files criminal charges.

Orange County Arrest Warrant Information

One of the tools we use to help clients is the Orange County Sheriff’s Department inmate search (who’s in jail), below. The Orange County Sheriffs Department search states that they have no warranties or representations that the information contained is accurate, but finding entries is helpful in what we do.

OC Who's in Jail


When a defendant fails to appear in court, the judge issues a warrant for that person’s arrest. At the time the warrant is issued, the judge will usually set bail. That bail is the amount of money needed to bail out of custody if arrested on that warrant. Our Orange County DUI attorneys have been successful in recalling warrants in many courts and getting our clients released on their own recognizance, without paying bail. This is especially true when the warrant is on the infraction (a traffic ticket ) or a misdemeanor (drunk driving, petty theft, driving on a suspended license, etc.), and we can save the client countless dollars in bail bond fees.

If the warrant is a felony, we can often arrange with the district attorney and the judge a bail reduction when the client is surrendered to the court on that warrant. Our lawyers will contact the court and district attorney and work out a surrender and an “own recognizance” release or a significant bail reduction. We can and will contact a bail company and have that bail bond company’s representative present in hopes that our client never spends a minute in jail.

Warrants can also result in a failure to appear on a traffic matter if there is a failure to appear on a traffic violation, the DMV will take action and suspend the privilege to drive until the warrant is recalled and they receive as “abstract” establishing that the warrant was recalled and fines have been paid. Our firm, through Orange County DUI Attorney Robert Miller, can resolve these matters without the need for our client to appear in court.

Don’t take chances on Arrest Warrants in California. Hire an Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney to clear up your warrant today.

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