Youth Drug And Alcohol Deterrence (YDAD)


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Youth Drug Alcohol Deterrence (YDAD) program

Youth Drug And Alcohol Deterrence (YDAD)

The Youth Drug Alcohol Deterrence (YDAD) program in Orange County is what Orange County Courts sentences persons under the age of 21, or under the age of 18, who are convicted of a DUI or related charge, to.

The Youth Drug Alcohol Deterrence (YDAD) program is given in Orange County as sentenced by the Orange County Superior Courts, and are referred, and monitored, by OneOC (formerly known as The Volunteer Center of Orange County).

What the YDAD program covers:

Youth Drug Alcohol Deterrence (YDAD) program addresses the following topics and issues:

  1. Driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drug DUIs
  2. Vehicular Manslaughter due to driving under the influence
  3. Alcohol use and abuse
  4. Marijuana use and abuse
  5. Narcotic drug use and abuse
  6. Other drugs use and  abuse
  7. Reckless Driving
  8. Texting and Driving
  9. Social Responsibility
  10. Legal issues and consequences
  11. How to make better choices

Is the YDAD effective?

The statistics certainly support the use of the Youth Drug Alcohol Deterrence (YDAD) program, since it started here in Orange County, California, in 1988.  For youths that did not ever take the program, there was a 35% rate of reoffending.  For those that had completed the Youth Drug Alcohol Deterrence (YDAD) program, the rate dropped to 1.4%, a 33.6 percent decrease.

YDAD supplemental components

For Los Angeles DUI cases, the Youth Drug Alcohol Deterrence (YDAD) program is replaced by the “Hospital and Morgue”, or “HAM” program.  Here in Orange County, the YDAD makes use of three elements of the program as part of the overall scope of the program:

Drug and Alcohol Awareness Class

Participants will be presented with hard-hitting statistics and hear stories from individuals whose lives were changed because of alcohol and drug use. They experience different levels of intoxication using simulation goggles.  They learn from peers about the legal, financial, and health effects of drugs and alcohol.  They learn how to create safe practices for the future.

Sheriff Coroner Morgue Class

A Los Angeles County Sheriff Coroner presents information from a series of recent accidents as a result of driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, and explains the physical effects of alcohol and drug use.  The vivid examples of the short- and long-term effects on the body are something that is rarely seen or talked about, but participants learn about here.

Hospital Trauma Unit Visit

Participants meet at a local area hospital trauma unit.  In four hours, participants may see patients arrive who were involved in an alcohol and/or drug related incident, listen to experts from the trauma unit lecture on the physical and mental effects of alcohol and drug use as well as what they witness in their day to day jobs. Participants will see first hand how patients are treated with life-saving procedures and tour various hospital patient rooms and departments.

Persons must be referred to the Youth Drug Alcohol Deterrence (YDAD) program, and to do so, you would need to visit the One OC offices, in any courthouse, or in their location in Santa Ana.

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