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DUI Lawyers in Orange County CA

Arrested for a DUI in Orange County? Our top DUI lawyers in Orange County CA can help you and your case.  We have successfully handled thousands of DUI cases for people just like you. By providing information to you, a strategy, and our professional expertise, our law firm can help you and guide you to a successful conclusion of your DUI matter.

You will need to act fast.  Consult with our Orange County DUI Defense Firm today to learn strategies and find out what you should be doing now to protect you, and to help your case from the start.

Orange County is committed to being tough on drunk driving cases at all levels.  The police, judges, prosecutors, and MADD are unsympathetic to you and your situation.  Their only interest is in showing how aggressively they can punish those accused of DUI.

Arrested For DUI? What Am I Looking At?

When you are charged with a DUI in California, you actually have two cases pending against you. One case is criminal, and the other is civil (administrative). Your criminal case is prosecuted by the Prosecutor’s Office. The civil case is a DMV hearing. This hearing involves your driver’s license and is handled by the California Department of Motor Vehicles Office of Driver Safety, in the City of Orange.

This is important: You only have 10 days after your arrest to stop your license from being suspended. Be sure to request this hearing, or retain a DUI lawyer in Orange County to do it for you within the 10 day time period or you automatically forfeit your right to contest your pending driver’s license suspension. Contact us today and we can help you.

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Potential DUI Punishment for Orange County DUI cases:

DUI Punishment California

The law has a maximum (six months in jail, an alcohol school, and fines and fees that total $5000), and a minimum (three years probation, an alcohol school, and base fines of $390). The punishment for DUI only applies to cases that remain a DUI – in other words, cases that are not dismissed or reduced..

However, the prosecutor can, and will, add punishment if there were any of the following:

  • a blood alcohol level of at or above a .16%;
  • children in the car;
  • an accident (with or without injury);
  • an allegation that you were speeding while DUI;
  • or any priors.

We can help avoid the more severe punishment for any of the above.


What can your attorneys do for my DUI case?

Orange County DUI Attorneys

As the top rated DUI lawyers in Orange County CA, our approach to DUI defense is to carefully review all the evidence in the case, to look closely at all facts and all legal defenses that help our clients.  We look at the reason you were pulled over for DUI, to see if a probable cause issue might lead to a motion to suppress evidence, and thus dismiss the DUI.  We look carefully at all aspects of the field sobriety testing and scrutinize the breath test or blood testing to hold the testing machine, or agencies, up to the strict requirements of the law.  For example, machines can malfunction or not be properly calibrated, blood levels can fail to take into consideration the rising blood alcohol pattern, and the blood sample can ferment and produce alcohol, causing an increase in the blood alcohol level.

Testimonials: What past DUI clients have said about us

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Our Results in DUI Cases

Our skilled preparation has obtained our clients’ successful results before the courts and at the DMV, including Orange County DUI matters dismissed completely, or reduced, and Orange County DMV hearings wonLook at our results in DUI cases in Orange County.

Meet Our Skilled Top DUI lawyers in Orange County CA

Orange County DUI Lawyer Robert Miller

DUI Defense Lawyer, Robert Miller,  is known for being among the top DUI lawyers in Orange County CA. He has been:

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We have discounts for students, for present and past military service, and we accept all forms of payment and offer affordable payment plans with nominal down payments.

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With impeccable credentials, hundreds of great results in DUI cases, top ratings and testimonials from clients, and over 23 years of courtroom and trial experience, Miller and Associates is the right choice for any case where you need one of the best DUI lawyers in Orange County CA.  We are known for no-nonsense, honest legal representation.  If you do not need an attorney for your case, or if we cannot help you, we will let you know that up front.

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